Dennis Asberg: "Military Now Involved With UFO Baltic Sea Object!"

In a stunning online Q&A session last week, Dennis Asberg has confirmed that highest ranking authorities in the Swedish Navy are investigating the strange circular object in the Baltic Sea.

The object or anomaly is as large as a jumbo 747 jet.

This circular anomaly rests at a depth of 300 feet which makes it extremely hard to photograph with conventional equipment.



  1. My guess is that these are the remnants of a very magnetically charged, Metal rich meteorite that struck Earth Ages ago.

  2. Varakienens prediction.

    Gag order. No more talking about it.
    A cordoning off of the area from conventional ship traffic.
    Leaked stuff online that contradicts previous material.
    Announcement that it was all just some geological formation or a meteorite, and its pretty much nothing. End of project officially.
    . . . Yet the ships will still linger.

    1. Sadly, yes, we will not hear anymore about this. "It is just a hunka rock. Move on, nothing to see here."

  3. everything that can hit land such as metors leaves a crater while this looks like an emergency landing without a boom.
    obv they ll end the show and cont the investigation privately.


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