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Human Giants and Nibiru, Filling in the Blanks, 2013

There were once GIANTS in the earth -- men of awesome dimensions, bulk and height!

Archaeology, too, show, from the traditionary fables of the classical poets, as well as from the colossal monuments that are extant, that there were people in remote times of CYCLOPEAN STRENGTH; and whether this . . . was the characteristic percularity of a certain class only, various circumstances contribute to warrant the conclusion, that in the world before the Flood there were Titans distinguished by corporeal stature and energies far above the present scale.

Did giants possess extremely advanced knowledge and use of different types of stones and rocks, used to construct their magnificent archaeological structures that has since been lost to science?

Little is known about.

The American stonemason Jim Vieira collected over the past 20 years, thousands of news stories about giant skeletons from the archives of The New York Times, Scientific American and the Smithsonian Institute. He came to the conclusion that the real history of humanity not only deliberately kept hidden from us, but also totally different what we were told.

There are many indications of the existence of Nibiru. Where did these gigantic men and women originate? What has Nibiru to do with these giants? (The word for "giants" here is the same word used in Genesis 6:4 -- the Nephilim.)

Hopefully these questions are answered in the video below, but as always, we leave it to your own interpretation.



  1. This video is remnants of the fallen angels that were kicked out and than brought kaos to our earth.God made us in his image, perfect until Satan screwed it up. Once again we will be deceived by these star beings, ufo's, reptoids and greys. Now man is mingling the seed again and God will come back to punish again. I hope people know who the real God is.

    1. Well, that is the version of story that is fed to us. Unfortunately, this story is only partially true (mostly allegorical), the truth is far more stranger.

  2. The truth is this is great entertainment, nothing more! Stories are just that stories. But there will be violent confrontations between the very weak and the weak. In the end we are all dead. Then 100,000 years later the survivors of the next mass extinction, will begin anew. Their history will include fairy tales like this because they ARE part of who humans are and will be.

    1. ...your truth defines the volume of thy ladle...nothing well...

    2. If he says its the Truth... it must be true. I guess were all dead... bummer.
      I guess all that information/knowledge kept by the Dogon and other tribes, left on scrolls, cave paintings, Egyptian tombs, Sumerian texts/tablets, and MANY other examples... were all wrong. Bummer :-/

    3. ...good news...there is no end...round and round...are you alive now? always now dear one...even between last and first breath...

  3. One things for sure, we will never die, maybe in physical, the corpse we inhabit is what we use to navigate but forever we shall exist!

  4. It would take a mere approx 100,000 years for all evidence of man to erode on this planet, a heartbeat in the scheme of the universe. So I suppose it's not impossible these giants existed though I would guess it as pure and utter vaginal seepage, we, so far have found no evidence apart from faked attempts by people who think they are helping to tell the truth but in fact are a cancer impeding the community seeking real answers and confusing anyone remotely interested. Anyone who says otherwise better provide legitimate proof or forever be tarnished with the tag ' I spout anal leakage'. Religion is not truth. There is no merit in applying modern religious overtones to this post, i assume back then, if another race existed they had they're own baby Jesus and donkey Christmas carols. btw, in case you were staring with the now well known religious hatred in your eyes(also a severe contradiction).....i'm agnostic.

    1. No, not all religion is truth, but there are bits and pieces of truth in there. The first step towards discovering the truth is finding the many similarities amongst the various religions throughout the globe, and going from there.

      It's rather difficult to not bring up religion when discussing this topic. For it all relates back to our ancient history and is tangled in amongst the tales of our creation etc.


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