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New Crop Circle at Wiltshire refers to possible near-future stellar event - Aug 19, 2013

Another astronomical Crop Circle appears at Etchilhampton Hill in Wiltshire on August 19, 2013, showing the image of an “exploding neutron star” or “supernova”, along with complex multi-shape symmetries, and a possible time code for some near-future stellar event.

After studying the crop circle, it bears a striking resemblance to the “transfer of dust or gas in a binary star system” from some large central star to its small companion star, which may have high gravity if it is made from neutrons.

Once sufficient dust or gas has been transferred from the large star to the small one, then the small star may dramatically explode as a “supernova” or “exploding neutron star”.

The internal symmetries of several outer layers from that new crop picture seem quite complex, and may require further discussion elsewhere. Its intermediate part shows six “broad arrows”, which possess three kinds of shape “pointed-pointed”, “pointed-flat” or “flat-flat” (see a previous slide above). Two different sets of three shapes have been arranged as mirror-plane symmetric about the centre. It outer part shows six “thin arrows”, which possess three kinds of shape “long”, “short” or “three dots”. Two “long” shapes and two “short” shapes lie mirror-plane symmetric about the centre, while its “three dots” shape and another “short” shape” lie directly on the mirror plane of symmetry.

Might those “three dots” represent a time code in days, weeks or months for some near-future stellar explosion? A small space has been added between dots one and two, to suggest “three and one-half” units of time. Are the crop artists just showing us astronomical science, or are they predicting something for the future? Read more at cropcircleconnector.


  1. Who studied it to come up with this conclusion? I'd really like to know. Some dude sitting in his basement. Or ppl who know what they're actually talking about? If it was made on Aug 19th how much studying could've actually went on? Not much. However, this reminds me of the Rasputine story that was posted on here a few days ago. The 3 dots could mean 3 days which would be Aug 23. The day Rasputine says the earth will be ravaged with fire.

  2. Rasputine what a guy hahaha! He really didn't like the average story! What makes me think these are fake is because they are all in Wiltshire. Why always Wiltshire?!

  3. Most Large crop circles are not fake.
    How ever, there are very Very easy ways to discern the fakes from the reals.
    Experts can do so on sight almost at a glance now.
    And so can I.


  4. So is this real? And why Wiltshire?

    1. wilt shire has a higher density magnetic to its area's, caused by underground mineral formations and water sources all in a tight area.
      Its not completely unique or any thing, such places can be found all over the world, but less so with human crops over them.
      Using human crops ensures that the event will be reported and seen more readily.
      How the magnetism can contribute to the making of it, IF it does so at all? I could not say.

      Better to just ask your self,.... Why NOT Wiltshire?

      To help you out a little with fake crop circle making.
      Experiments were conducted to try to Re-create several Large and well known crop circles by British university students.
      About 50 of them.
      They went out and plotted a design, one a large 100+ ft one.
      measuring and laying down details was terribly tricky and difficult.
      And in the end, they quit the project leaving it about 2/3rds finished.
      As it turns out, what they did accomplished looked rushed and off / slightly inaccurate.
      And it took them about a day and a half Total, working through the clock in shifts, this being about 20-30 people on a shift.
      They had jobs and they had school to go to and could not afford to miss those any more.
      They were forced to try to set up lights for doing it at night. this was complicated and extremely costly renting large noisy generators, and illumination equipment.
      Part of the project was to Not tell people Other than the property owners of the land they worked on, what they were doing.
      And to keep track of how many people noticed them, and or reported them.
      They were noticed and reported dozens of times.
      People even came walking through the fields to ask them in person and some even volunteered to help a while.
      A couple reporters even showed up.
      Police. And a suspicious few others whom the students wont talk about in detail.
      They were spotted at night with all the noise and lights and they were spotted in the day.
      The costs were in the tens thousands of car pooling gass, rentals, and lost revenue from missing work. etc.
      With 50-ish students and volunteers they could not complete it in under two days, it looked like crap compared to the precision of real circles, and there was No hiding what they were doing.
      Real giant crop circles have been reported to spring up in mere minutes.

      They did this, Because a group of some 50 people Claimed they had made the famous butterfly man in only a few hours. And then said group dissipated unable to substantiate this claim.

      If you would like, I can detail to you some things to look for when spotting Real crop circles.

      ~ Varakienen.

  5. ...exploding neutron star!...there is a witticism suggests the only stupid question is the one not asked...fallacy I tell you...neutron star indeed!
    Why Wiltshire?...hmm...going to go with Silver Pig Stout...

  6. What what happened to Jesus is an alien story? If that was taken down it would seem that hoax stuff like this should also be at least questioned with some basic critical thinking skills?

    1. Please, no one else dignify this comment with a response.

  7. Please, no one else dignify this comment with a response.

  8. There is no "proof" that circles are ET! Where is the Beef? We will not take this as factual at ALL because you say so unless you believe Sandy Hook was an "act"? Deep breath thru the nose....

    1. Sandy Hook was an act.
      Just another false flag.

  9. Face palm! I did not realize this is a foil hat posting! It all makes sence now.....

    1. Anon.
      Yeah. You are on the wrong site lad.
      Go peddle your negativity and closed mindedness where it will be appreciated by other NON tin foil hat wearers who prefer to remain asleep.

  10. It's ok to live in the here and now, in a street, in a town, at a job, have a family (as we all do) but why bother commenting on a site that looks beyond that street, town, city, planet earth, out to the universe and beyond... it's all relative by the way.
    What happens on our sun effects us, what happens in a distant galaxy effects us,

    A wise man looks into space and does not regard the little as too small, or the great as too big, for he knows there is no limit to dimensions... Lao Tzu

    1. ..."I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man"...
      be well dear one...


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