Psychic Powers: Telekinesis a new way to kill?

There are several claimed types of psychic powers, including precognition (knowing future events before they happen); pyrokinesis (creating fire with the mind) and telepathy (describing things at a remote location). Among the most dramatic of these is telekinesis (also called psychokinesis, or PK), the ability to move objects through mind power.

Many people believe that there is physiological or psychological evidence for the human brain's capacity to do far more than we imagine: after all, they say, we only use 10 percent of our brains. They claim that psychic powers, including telekinesis, are merely the result of psychics being able to use more of their brains than others.

Killed through Telekinesis?

Four engineers working at ASELAN, one of Turkey’s leading military electronics companies, who allegedly committed suicide, could all have been killed through telekinesis according to a report by the Turkish Prime Ministry Inspection Board. The report, presented to the Ankara Public Prosecutor, cites work done by neuro-psychology expert Nevzat Tarhan.

Tarhan’s study, included in the board’s report, asked the prosecution not to disregard the possibility of telekinesis as a possible cause of the suicides, which could cause severe distress and headaches in the victims, giving them a tendency to kill themselves.

The waves could be sent from 1.5 kilometers, and could direct victims towards a suicidal state of mind, Tarhan told daily Hürriyet. X Also an overcharge of electromagnetics could have also had the same effect on the engineers, which would then indicate neglect.

All engineers were working on a friend-or-foe recognition system for Turkish warplanes at the time of their suicides.

Hüseyin Başbilen, an engineer at Turkey’s military research and development enterprise Aselsan, was found dead in his car on Aug. 7, 2006.

Halim Ünal was shot in the head with one bullet on Jan. 17, 2007, while Evrim Yançeken fell from the balcony of his sixth-floor apartment nine days later. Burhanettin Volkan allegedly killed himself in 2009. 

ASELSAN is one of country’s leading military electronics companies, with multiple defense and technology awards in its history. Read more: hurriyetdaily , livescience


  1. Seems like some folks use far, far less than 10% of their brains? It's common among human population to have so many mindless, and selfish acts that it makes one wonder if some use zero of their brain capacity!


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