Reptilian Caught Hissing On Live TV? - Aug 3, 2013

During a debate about the sale of Smithfield, a pork production company to China , CNBC host Joe Kernen suddenly hissed at guest Dennis Gartman.

What human make a noise like that?

Remember the female reporter the night of the Grammys and how she just started talking complete jibberish as well as other reporters. (Watch video 2). it is said that they were victims of remote mind control experiments.

About mind control projects; Activist Post was recently contacted by an anonymous whistleblower who worked on a secret ongoing mind-control project for DARPA. The aim of the program is to remotely disrupt political dissent and extremism by employing "Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation" (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda based on this technology. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields.

Joe Kernen is victim of a secret government experiment or is this guy a reptilian in human form?



  1. Lmao.. You know someones mad when they hiss at you on live TV. On a Business xhannel no less. The other meltdowns.. bandwidth issues, or problems with the processor chips. Its all wireless btw...

  2. The gibberish speaking is probably caused by a slight delay in the speakers earpiece, acting as a speech jammer.

  3. Wake up people. Its not a "delay", its not a glitch in the satellite feed. Its much stranger.

    Patent application number Description Published
    20130009761 Systems, Computer Medium and Computer-Implemented Methods for Monitoring Health and Ergonomic Status of Drivers of Vehicles - Provided are embodiments of systems, computer medium and computer-implemented methods for monitoring a status of a driver when driving a vehicle. A system including a set of sensors configured to be disposed in the vehicle to collect driver status data. The system processing the driver status data to determine whether the driver is experiencing a health condition or crisis, and whether the driver's body position is ergonomic. In response to a health condition, generating a health alert indicative of the health condition. In response to the driver a health crisis generating a health alert indicative of the health crisis and inhibiting operation of the vehicle. In response to the driver's body position not being ergonomic, identifying and providing adjustments in the body position of the driver that need to be made for the driver to be positioned in a an ergonomically acceptable body position. 01-10-2013
    20130009993 Systems, Computer Medium and Computer-Implemented Methods for Providing Health Information to Employees Via Augmented Reality Display - Provided are embodiments of systems, computer medium and computer-implemented methods for providing feedback of health information to an employee when the employee is engaged in their work duties. The method including receiving health data output by a set of health sensors provided on or near the employee when the employee is engaged in work duties. The health sensors comprising at least one of biometric and biomechanic sensors. The health data corresponding to biometric and/or biomechanic characteristics sensed by the set of health sensors. The method including processing the health data to identify health status information for the employee, and providing for display via an augmented reality display, augmented reality content including the health status information. The augmented reality display providing the employee with an augmented reality view including a real world view of a surrounding environment having the health status information for the employee overlaid thereon. 01-10-2013
    20130011819 Systems, Computer Medium and Computer-Implemented Methods for Coaching Employees Based Upon Monitored Health Conditions Using an Avatar - Provided are embodiments of systems, computer medium and computer-implemented methods for monitoring the health of an employee. A method for monitoring the health of an employee including collecting health data corresponding to at least one of biometric health data and biomechanical health data for an employee acquired via a plurality of health sensors located throughout the employee's workstation, determining a health profile for the employee based at least in part on the collected health data, and serving, to an employee computer for display, health profile content comprising an avatar configured to communicate information relating to the health profile for the employee. The plurality of health sensors including at least one of biometric sensors and biomechanical sensors. 01-10-2013

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    Read more:

  5. Why do we LOVE the Saudi's so much?

    ---Samantha Horseman | Vice-President

    Since 1994 Samantha has been involved in the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) and Wellness Industry. Currently, she works at Saudi Aramco, as a Health & Productivity Management Strategist. She is a regular presenter at national and international conferences. She leads the wellcare service line, along with 350 wellness champions’ companywide. Through her innovative research and leadership she has contributed greatly towards human performance, wellness and injury prevention, at both operational and strategic levels. She is a highly motivated leader who is committed to the health and productivity of the Saudi Aramco workforce. She was nominated as a finalist in the 2010 and 2011 World Oil Awards. In 2011 she was awarded as the recipient of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Health, Safety, and Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility Regional Award. She was recently nominated as the company representative for the World Economic Forum, workplace wellness alliance (WWA) in the development of global wellness key performance indicators for Davos, 2013. Samantha is currently authoring and editing a book entitled “A Wellness Roadmap for the Middle East” in addition to body and brain computer interface inventions called ErgoWELL and WaveWELL. Under her leadership, wellcare was awarded the 2012 Oil & Gas Award for HSE Initiative of the year, and was the recipient of the 2013 International Corporate Health & Productivity Management Award. Samantha is the newly appointed Vice President of the Institute for Health and Productivity Management – Middle East Chapter.

    It goes much further than this. Ever wonder what those fertility clinics are really all about? Slave Factories... yikes. Free Will?

  6. Last one... Sorry.

    Neurophotonics Coming to a Human Being Near You

    Sep 20, 2010 | By: John Serrao

    Featured, Health & Disease

    Neurophotonics, up close

    Researchers at SMU are working with DARPA (the US hyper-advanced military research group that initially developed the internet) to create an artificial fiber optic signaling system that will directly interface with your body’s central nervous system. This technology, called neurophotonics, would allow bidirectional communication to and from the brain, giving amputees with prosthetic arms and legs the ability to feel heat, cold and pain in those artificial extremities. From the article:

    The goal of the Neurophotonics Research Center is to develop a link compatible with living tissue that will connect powerful computer technologies to the human nervous system through hundreds or even thousands of sensors embedded in a single fiber.

    Unlike experimental electronic nerve interfaces made of metal, fiber optic technology would not be rejected or destroyed by the body’s immune system.

    “Enhancing human performance with modern digital technologies is one of the great frontiers in engineering,” said Christensen. “Providing this kind of port to the nervous system will enable not only realistic prosthetic limbs, but also can be applied to treat spinal cord injuries and an array of neurological disorders.”

    This program follows in the footsteps of DARPA’s ‘Revolutionizing Prosthetics’ Program, whose goal was to have neuronal-controlled prosthetic arm to market before 2010. According to their website, those advanced prosthetics are already in testing but they are nowhere near as advanced as this project. A true fiber backbone for the body would act much like our spinal cords currently do, only faster.

    The Future

    Neurophotonics is an interesting field just in its infancy and it is going head to head with genetic engineering. It will be interesting to see if this neurophotonic method, where structures we engineer are grafted into humans, takes hold or if genetic engineering, where genes are manipulated to bring similar results, will win out. Another research company called Neuralstem is attempting to reconnect spinal cords damaged spinal cords from Lou Gerhig’s Disease with genetically engineered stem cells.

    Stem cells have come under intense pressure as they are harvested from fetuses (sometimes). Using them for research purposes was outright banned earlier this year in the US by a court ruling but the ban has since been lifted. This neurophotonic method may win out because it is less controversial but first, both methods have to prove successful in further clinical trials.

  7. It is really scary to see that the Reps are so prevalent on the surface now that they are everywhere. Possibly because their numbers are so great and they can tell who is a Rep and who isn't that they forget that they need to conceal their true form? Clearly this guy is a Rep. You can even see some minor shape shift if you pause the clip at the right spot? We need to eradicate them now while we still have advantage in numbers!

    1. What is Really Scary to me, is the mind set that we need to eradicate members of a species just because we do not understand them.

      What we need to do,... is watch, and Learn.

      ~ Varakienen.

  8. Check out David Icke you will see the Reps are not friends to any if us. They will take over the planet and subjugate all mankind to do their evil bidding. If we stand by and watch it will be too late!

    1. Ive checked out Icke.
      He is but a single source, and not necessarily a trust worthy one.

      broaden your horizons.

    2. It would be nice if you could direct us to anything positive with regard to Reps? Looking around there are only negative warnings and challenges that they even exist.

    3. I tried doing that for Any one that asked. Did it for Years in fact. It was a thing where I was happy to share my links and what not. But people became even further argumentative with little or entirely No leg to stand on, and I realized they were Not actually going to all of the materials I provided and reading / watching all the way through.
      They were just arguing for arguing's sake, and That,... is Not constructive Debate.

      Now, I will share with only a few that I believe actually want to learn, have an open mind, are ready to be receptive and so on. (if I feel like it)
      Other wise, I tell people to take the same road I did. Investigate for your self. Research. (search engines are a wonderful tool) Put in the time. The journey is part of the deal, the destination with out the journey will yield only bland and misunderstood fruits.

      In short..."Read a Book".


      PS: If you Really want a good place to start, I will give you Two words, from thier your researches will take on a life of their own if you are doing it right and are committed. Watch and read Every thing, even the boring stuff, even the stuff you are Sure is just fakers getting interviewed.
      ~ "Project Camelot."

  9. I love how everything I posted here is over-looked. Is it too complicated? Anyone see the writing on the wall? You can present it as clear as possible, and it still won't mean anything until we WANT to know the truth. Reptilian TV hosts? Who cares. Why are you watching complete bullshit State media anyway?
    Neuroscience? Nano/biotechnology? Technology, Gene suppression? Vaccinations? Hijacking Freewill right out from under us... Why doesn't anyone see it? Because its doing its job perfectly. Algorithmic Mind Control. Love is stronger than all of it.
    I would be more worried about what your tax dollars and untold BILLIONS of Corporate profits are funding. Science has lost its way.. it will destroy us in the name of "progress" far sooner than any perceived alien invader...

  10. ... I realize I said many of the same things only a year or two ago... so I offer my opinion humbly :-0

  11. Maybe because you high jacked the thread to your own conclusions? Tell us what your theory on Reps is. It is part if the post.

  12. I guess old habits are hard to break. It is not my intention to hijack anything. I am simply trying to direct peoples attention to what I believe is a far more important "fringe" topic. I get frustrated with the Reptilian topic because is is one of those subjects that is sheer speculation and sensationalism, until you wake up to the fact that there are so many more races than "humans" on this Earth... and what EXACTLY is a human? You can't lump all people into "good" or "bad" and you can not group any of the other bloodlines. David Icke IS a Reptile. Look at the interview he did with Bill Maher... about weather or not reptilians really exist, classic. You can see the physical features so clearly if you study his face. So, there are ones trying to help, and others manipulating, just like humans. My ex girlfriend is, my neighbor is of reptilian genetics. Some know, others don't. It all began so long ago. The "greys" and the "tall Whites" look just like you and me. You expect them to be somehow different than a "human"... they are, but it is mainly mental. A hive mind if you will. They are incredibly intelligent mostly, but also lack certain emotion and feeling, some could say cold blooded. There are clear differences, but its subtle, and energetic mostly.
    Sorry if I come across opinionated or rude, it is not my intention.

  13. Holy Shit. I just watched your video link... I already knew, but now I really get it. Wow. This is huge. Thank you.

  14. How do I end it, safely? That is all I want to know. Those that can, should help.

  15. Thanks Vark! Interesting stuff at the link. Yes, I believe some if the speculation is possible and am open minded and "awake".Raven you also make some well noted points but seem very zealous with your opinions. If Reps somehow feed of human emotions etc... They are having a field day. We should all be aware of the many methods that try to control our free will but should try not to let the possibilities consume all of our thoughts?

  16. Zealous would be an understatement. I hear you though. Thank you for your patience. I put a lot of pressure on myself I think.

  17. Also... I never said that "Reps"... feed off of anything, except food. I just don't know. It is possible that they're are energetic Vampires amongst them. I personally believe its the non-physical entities that influence behavior, and feed off of certain energies.

  18. This is why. Its all bullshit. They are so clever and deceptive its unbelievable. Who behind the New Earth Project?


    Who are we? – GGT is a holding company of innovative companies, using cutting-edge technologies to make a difference in the world, and for our investors. We have gone to great lengths to create a group of the best minds in the world, to increase your investment, and to benefit society, the environment, economy and spirituality of the world.

    How we are different? – Whereas most corporations are created to amorally create as much money for the investors as possible, GGT seeks the highest good for all: the investors, the economy, and the world. By leaving the old, dysfunctional corporate pyramid structure and adopting a system of open management and networking, we are open to input from each member of our organization to optimize our collective intelligence and awareness, thus reducing the possibility of blindly pursuing any deleterious path, as has become standard operating procedure for most corporations and governments.

    Why GGT is a Solution for the World? – GGT not only creates revolutionary projects that benefit the world, by using our innovative organization and collective intelligence decision-making processes, but we set an example for other corporations and governments to follow

  19. The guy was just joking. He said "Quick Pro Quo Clarisse" and then he made that same sucking in or hissing sound that you called it, just as the character in the movies of Hannibal, the cannibal, haha did. You remember Anthony Hopkins sucking in as in eating blood and all that? Drama, that's all. So there you go. Next time, pay closer attention.


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