Strange Sounds in the sky of Terrace, BC Canada - Aug 29, 2013

Many Terrace residents awoke to a rather unearthly sound, which was heard in many parts of the city at around 7:30 this morning. The sound lasted for roughly 10 minutes.

Similar sounds have been reported all over the world in recent years.

What might be causing the sounds?

A physics professor at the University of Saskatchewan theorized that it's likely electromagnetic noise emitted from auroras and radiation belts. cftktv



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  2. As usual,the phenomenon continues to occur, yet everyone has a theory, but the cause still remains unknown

  3. Let's be honest the most obvious theory would be the magnetic field taking a battering from the suns rays creating this phenomenon!

    1. Possibly linked to the low altitude shifting polarity scenario. Historically there have been noises reported as coming from the sky previously, but not like this, more a constant drone or rumble. Though as low frequency sound travels further than high, I suppose it can sound very differently over a larger area dependent on the point of source.

      Keith W

  4. It's the start of the apocalypse... They say in the bible ...the trumpets will sound!!!

  5. always sounds like grinding metal.
    Wonder if its some form of tectonic resonance.

  6. Regardless of what the cause of these sounds are, it's hard to deny none of them have been heard prior to the last few years so something is definitely different with our world today than how it was up until about three years ago when these grinding metallic sounds all began.

  7. Maybe it is the sound of the trumpets, not as proper trumpets but the sign of change in the world. Maybe this sound heard all over the world is the sign of things to come.

  8. All I know is that whatever it is, it sounds horrible. I can't put it into words, but it really creeps me out right to the very core of my soul. I realize that there is probably a logical explanation for it, that we just aren't aware of ... yet. But it still does nothing to quell the creepiness of it.

    And I have to admit, it definitely makes one wonder about the bible, Revelations and the mention of seals being broken and trumpets sounding.


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