UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports #04 - Aug 12, 2013



On July 27, 2013, Saturday evening at approximately 9:10 pm, my adult daughter and I were walking our dogs on Mineral Spring Ave going west and turning at Power Road going North. We walked two blocks to the corner of Power Road and Atwood Street in Pawtucket. My daughter looked to the East down Atwood Street and noticed an object in the sky and yelled, “Hey, whats that in the sky”!

I walked a couple of feet, past a tree that was blocking my view and I witnessed a lighted object towards the end of Atwood Street, a street that is approximately only 1/10th of a mile long and in a residential neighborhood. From the moment I witnessed the object, it was without a doubt that I was looking at a flying saucer. The object was low to the ground and very viable with red/orange pulsating lights around the circumference of the craft. Because of the lights it was unclear if there was any circular motion or if it was just hovering at a height above the electrical lines and about tree height.

It would have taken an approximate 20 above ground round pool to cover the circumference of the craft. It was not behind any object or even behind a cloud and it was a clear night.

My feelings was that of extreme excitement which took over my emotions, but at the same time I was in fear of the unknown. I was in awe, overwhelmed and confused, but knowing I did not have a camera or cell phone I knew I would not be able to document anything.

If I would have had clear thinking I would have knocked on someones door, but this experience was overwhelming and I just could not focus. I asked my daughter to run home with my sisters dog that she was walking and get my sister, a camera and a phone. I stayed on Power Road when I spotted a teenage boy walking towards me. I ran to him and asked him to walk down the street with me. I told he he was about to see a Flying Saucer, something not too many people would ever witness in a lifetime.

I don't know why, but I walked half way down the street and decided to turn around run home to meet up with my sister, daughter and to get my car. My dog who is friendly and obedient decided that he did not want to walk or follow me. He was wearing a pinch collar and it was even hard for me to force him to leave and I had to literally drag him to get him to walk with me. I had never seen him so defiant and it wasn't until we were half way home before he walked as he normally would.

When I reached my house, my newly acquired tenant was on the porch looking south, in the opposite direction of where I witnessed the saucer. I asked him if he noticed anything unusual in the sky, he said that he did not. My daughter, my sister and I drove back with my car that is equipped with On Star.

I thought that if I needed to document my exact location On Star would be capable of following the path that my car would be traveling. However, when I returned to the same spot there was no sign of the saucer. There was however a lighted object in the sky traveling West on the opposite side of Power Road. I tried to follow and it and it disappeared within seconds of my noticing it. We drove around for a while as I tried to place a call to the news station, to see if anyone had reported seeing anything in the area and my call could not be completed. I am hoping that by posting this information that I will be able to be in contact with anyone from my area that might have witnessed the same thing that me and my daughter witnessed.

I am thankful that I am safe, unharmed and now not skeptical of anyone who can describe an experience that most of us would never believe. Note: The above image is a rendering.



Astrophotographer Jack Fusco witnessed something strange while in photo shoots with stars, not from Hollywood but the Milky Way. His curiosity was in the highest level when he saw bright lights appeared one by one and disappeared slowly in the sky above Ocean City, New Jersey.

Later, authorities approached him to know about his one of a kind close encounter. Fortunately, he managed to capture images of his sighting with DSLR Camera.

Jack said that he first saw some bright lights in the night sky appearing one by one and then disappearing slowly. He kept his camera moving and continued to observe the night sky. A few minutes later, he saw the same lights in a different spot of the sky and then a third time shortly after the second. He witnessed these lights in less than 20 seconds in each spot and then were disappeared.

After 30-40 minutes of seeing the lights, a cop car approached him on the beach and the officers started to ask questions to him. They asked what time he had stayed there and if he saw anything odd. After telling the officers that he witnessed something strange earlier, they mentioned about fireworks or flares above the ocean. Jack said that the officers seemed not sure about the identity of the lights and told him to call them if he saw anything else.

Amazing images were posted by Jack to his Facebook page. Jack ruled out the plane or helicopter possibility and there were comments from people who claimed they had witnessed similar unusual lights in New Jersey. Until today, the lights captured by Jack in photos remain a mystery.



It was early morning and clear. No clouds were visible. I was up because I couldn't sleep and went out on my deck to get some air. As always I looked up to see the stars. I saw a white light moving high in the sky from the NW and thought it was an aircraft. As it got closer I noticed no flashing beacons, no running lights and no noise. The shape was a triangle and there was a bright white light on each corner. It few from NW to SE along a straight line and rotated counter clockwise as it flew.

The entire sighting lasted approximately 10 seconds. I could not determine the altitude or speed but will guess at approximately 500 ft. After the sighting my first thought was of my camera on the counter but if I had gone in to get it I would have missed it. The object went behind the trees in my yard and that is when I lost sight of it.

This is not my first sighting but it is the first I have reported. (previous sighting I will discuss but only in person, not on line or over the phone). As a side note I am retired from the US Navy having spent 22 years in Naval Aviation and this was not an aircraft or anything in our inventory. Note: The above image is a rendering.



I was out walking from 8:55 pm to 10 pm ( I always check my time to make sure I get an hour in ) and at 9:40 PM I saw a bright orange light flying out of any flight path (I see planes all the time and know the paths they fly). The object made no sound and had no blinking lights. There were lots of clouds so I know it was pretty low. The object made a sharp turn and got behind some trees. When I ran out into an opening it was gone.

I looked around for any neighbors to point it out to them, but no one was outside. I did notice a car slow down near me, but I don't know if they did that to view the object. I live well north of the nearest large city (Columbus, Ohio) and I know where the airport is and I see aircraft all the time and am familiar with the flight paths. There is a small aircraft airfield (Don Scott Field) well south of me, but this object appeared from the north and turned northeast.

I lost it when it got behind some trees and was gone by the time I was able to get to a clearing. I attached two pictures...the original from my phone and one where I added some text to describe it. I don't have a smart phone so there was no zoom, otherwise the picture would have been much bigger. The object seemed quite low, but I heard nothing.


I was outside smoking a cigarette. I first noticed the object because of the brightness and closeness (aircraft are never that close). The first thing I saw was a light in the sky. I looked for FAA lights and realized I was seeing something unidentified. The object and its actions was it heading was 235 degrees southwest. It had no FAA lights and the light appeared to change color intensity from red to orange. The light was very intense.

I was excited to have opportunity to witness one. The object was below the clouds and it flew into a low cloud or fog before I lost it. The picture taken with my iphone 4s stock camera. NOTE: The above photos were enlarged and cropped for better viewing.



Driving for a national carrier, I expected to see the country and enjoyed the experience. My pick ups and deliveries on occassion to Hazleton Pennsylvania usually went smoothly and this one did as well. Starting to make the connection onto I-80, I noticed an object 30 x 50 feet cone shaped, silver with black lines running down it off to my right, about 300 feet up.

Looking through the trees I first thought it was some building or something, but as I cleared the trees, I recognized it to be hovering almost directly over I-80. I proceeded west and noticed a larger craft just above it, a huge disc with a sharp edge that tapered to the center. The lower section of the craft lowered down while hovering and I did not see the smaller craft after so I presume it entered the larger craft. The lower section appeared to be a louvered non rotating level of the craft, maybe to dispatch and accept smaller craft.

I looked over I-80 to the eastbound traffic and nobody was looking around up or down. Maybe fear, but a couple were pointing towards the large craft and at first were surprised then kind of fearful. I proceeded on to my destination all the while checking the CB and AM. Note: The above image is a rendering.



Jose Alves of Pontal was fishing in the Pardo River near Pontal. The area was deserted, the night quiet with only a slight breeze blowing from the east. Suddenly Alves spotted a strange craft in the sky, apparently heading toward him. He watched, transfixed, as it closed in with a wobbling motion and landed. It was so near he could have touched it, he said.

The object appearing as two washbowls placed together, looked to be about ten to fifteen feet in diameter. He was too frightened to run. Three little men, clad in white clothing with close-fitting skull caps, emerged from a window-like opening in the side of the small craft. Their skin appeared to be quite dark.

Alves stood terror-stricken, watching the small creatures collect samples of grass, herbs and leaves of trees; one of them filled a shiny metal tube with river water. Then, as suddenly as they had come, they jumped back into their machine, which took off vertically as swiftly and as silently as it had come.

Residents of Pontal, who heard Alves's story when he came back to town, told the press that he was a quiet man who lived only for "his work and his family." He had never heard of flying saucers and he was sure the little men were some kind of devils. Note: The above image is a rendering.

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