Huge Dark Object around the Sun - Sept 5, 2013

An interesting dark object caught on SOHO Lasco C3.

What is this object?

Is it a giant cloaked UFO like the 'invisible' UFO from last year (2012-03-09)? A planet or the Sun has an invisible partner?

If you going to look this up on SOHO go from 20130903 to 20130906 you will see this dark object appear and it still in the same spot as it has been for days.



  1. Could be maybe its a shadow ? Or is there something else out there my fellmans ? Well we should see soon or the moon? Remember truth can be much stranger then fiction.

  2. I checked this out on the SoHo site... it comes in around 1246 on the 3rd of Sept. , than a few hours later there is a second round shape shadow , it is above the sun where the first shape is to the left ... I checked out the pics up til the 6th of sept and they are both in the same general area when they first came into view ... it is some cool but weird stuff, I guess we will know before too long one way or another

    1. Actually I meant to say to the Right of the sun on the first shape

  3. Could it have anything to do with Comet ISON doing a sling shot around the sun?

  4. Looks like Saturn to me..

  5. ...such is the geometry of this time...I suspect in each of you curious is the answer...

  6. It's not really possible for us to be the only ones in the universe but you never know what might or might not exist

  7. Hey I noticed again... it starts on 3/24/2014 and continues until today on the lasco C3 it is to the lower left you have to play with the sharpness and gama as the settings they have automatically don't show it... it isn't moving. it is just like these pictures you have posted.... so what is it?


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