Living Space Creature caught on NASA Snapshot 2013

A strange unknown object caught on a NASA snapshot. YouTube account Streetcap1 talks about a craft. Or is it a Zeroid, a living being which inhabit the cosmic void? What do you think?

Link NASA image:



  1. I'm always open to the zero possibility, but I also may be some craft interacting with cosmic radiation, affecting it's cloaking abilities.

  2. That's gotta be one of the best pieces of evidence I've seen for aliens.

  3. its a weather ballooon people

  4. re: 'its a weather balloon people'

    Thanks for clearing that up! Move Along Nothing To See Here

  5. lens chipped? Or possible space fleas?!

  6. Its worth the debate, if ONLY to define what it is Not.
    For future debates this then becomes a source of or point of reference to recall.
    All evidence, even false evidence is thus useful in its own right, to leading to the truth.

    Just keep an open mind, and be patient with the notions of others.

    Hugz ~ Varakienen.

  7. Rawr, I hate this stuff. True, when rotated to an angle that suits pareidolia best and you include hints of what it could be, of course it looks like something. It feels like back-tracking, from saying "there is something, what is it?" to "is that something". As much as I'd like to think it is an entity, I can't. Items like this seem to cast doubt over previous more conclusive images which is why I'm wary.

    Keith W


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