Meteor explodes in the skies above the US Midwest - Sept 27, 2013 (Videos Fireball Ohio and Greenwood)

A meteor exploded in the skies above the US midwest on Friday, September 27, 2013.Witnesses report shadows cast upon the ground, unusual sounds, and a swirling contrail marking the aftermath of the blast. A NASA all-sky camera in Hiram, Ohio, recorded the fireball at 11:33 pm EDT:

"This was a very bright event," reports Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. "Flares saturated our meteor cameras, and made determination of the end point (the terminus of the fireball's flight through the atmosphere) virtually impossible. Judging from the brightness, we are dealing with a meter class object."

Data from multiple cameras shows that the meteoroid hit Earth's atmosphere traveling 51 km/s (114,000 mph) and passed almost directly over Columbus, Ohio. Cooke has prepared a preliminary map of the ground track. According to the American Meteor Society, the fireball was visible from at least 14 US states.



  1. I was traveling in Willoughby, Ohio on Friday night at 11:30 and saw a meteor pass over my car about 200 yards up. It had a streak tail and I am sure it crashed somewhere residential. No work on the news yet.

  2. A group of Ladies at the beach is Selkirk Ontario, Canada, watched a green/red ball fly across the night sky Sept 28/9 /2013.....WOW....Need to know if anyone saw that ...No news on that either..

  3. Out star gazing at the right time Friday night. 11:33pm northwestern Wayne county Ohio. WOW blue ball, orange fire trail!! Very, very cool. Been star gazing since the late 60's. First time I've seen one like that!


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