Reversal of Sun's magnetic field will affect power, telecommunication on Earth - Sept 18, 2013

Be prepared for some major power failure, degradation of oil pipelines and disrupted telecommunication in next three to four months due to the reversing of the polarity of Sun's magnetic field, said Dr BN Dwivedi, professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Banaras Hindu University (BHU).

Dr Dwivedi is also an associate scientist of Solar Ultraviolet Measurements of Emitted Radiation (SUMER). He is the only scientist from non-European countries on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft (a major ESA/NASA project of international cooperation). According to Dwivedi, when the Sun's polarity will change, which has been predicted to occur in next three to four months, the entire solar system will experience its effect. However, the magnitude of these changes might not be very high as the strength of this change is very weak.

It may be noted here that Sun's magnetic field changes its polarity after every 11 years after which the north of the Sun's magnetic field becomes south and the south becomes north. The Sun completes its magnetic cycle in 22 years.

Dr Dwivedi said, "Today's technology depends on space weather. Solar activity, such as coronal mass ejection during solar maximum will create more active space weather around Earth and other planets. This change in the magnetic field can also cause damage to the power grids and disrupt telecommunication to a great extent. There are chances that mobile phones, internet connection and other satellite communication, which are not enveloped by the thick atmosphere of Earth, might get hampered during this period."

He further added, "It is important to know that Sun has been changing its polarity since the conception of the solar system, however, it has not affected the general life on Earth as till now the life and human activities were confined within the limits of the Earth. Now we have gone beyond the Earth and it has made us vulnerable to the affects of the magnetic field reversal of the Sun. Our day to day communication is based on the satellites in space which will be affected by this reversal. The space communication, astronauts, satellite electronics will also get affected apart from space projects for other planets of the solar system."

According to Dwivedi, the domain of the Sun's magnetic influence stretches billions of kilometres in the solar system.

"Every body present in the universe has a magnetic field. The Sun's magnetic field dominates the heliosphere, the bubble of ionized gas (plasma) formed by the solar wind. It envelops the entire solar system out to more than 100-times the Sun-Earth distance. The pole shift might also ionize the Earth's upper atmosphere by allowing fewer cosmic rays to hit the Earth," he said. swati chandra timesof india


  1. Of itself, little effect. The reversal has already begun though in rather odd fashion. The south pole has already flipped while the north is missing. The sun is in effect acting as a monopole, something not observed before. Best guess is that pole shift will be complete towards the end of November. Anyone's guess what the electric interaction will be as Ison rounds the sun. Ison is certain to be highly negatively charged, the sun??? I suspect any damage to electrical systems on earth will more likely be a result of this interaction and not the reversal it self.

    1. interesting.
      You should put your name on your posts. When multiple posts come and some one wishes to address what you alone have said, its more difficult to do so with out a way to distinguish which post they are referring to.

  2. Isnt that what Haarp does? Ionize the Earth's Upper Atmosphere/Ionosphere, Which blocks the Suns Rays, and Wouldn't that Cause Global cooling? But Haarp can Also Bounce Those signals off the Ionosphere,and Melt the Ice sheet as seen on time Lapse YT video. Scary Stuff. I Thought Why Would they Do That??!.Duhh..New Shipping Route.=Power..Greed,Senselessness,Carelessness.More Proof of De-Evolution From Our Connection to All, from All, With the Nature of All Things Alive and Dead, Matter and Antimatter. To The Exact Opposite.Bam Quick too! Shakespeare's "To Be or Not To Be" I Get Now(my catharsis:) To Be(Aware&care)=Alive. Not To Be(UnAware&CareNot)=Dead..Deader Than a Rock that Lives With and is Needed by a Living Planet, For Whom it Not For..We, Would Not "Be"!.... Love is Peace is harmony is Life..if chosen? :)


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