Scientist: "UFOs come from the earth of one of the other 23 universes"

O. Akindele Joseph received a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Physics from O. A. U. Ile-Ife, Nigeria in 1981 and a Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering from MIT in the USA in 1984.

He makes important disclosures about his work and its importance during an interview with TAIWO OLANREWAJU.

Excerpt interview:

The present theory starts with formal derivations of two, four, eight and a maximum of twenty-four identical universes that co-exist in nature. The universes are located in different compartments of four-dimensional space-times (or worlds). The earth, the sun, the other planets in the solar system, the Milky Way (galaxy) and the billions of other galaxies, which make up this gigantic universe of ours, in this our space-time compartment, are identically replicated in other 23 space-time compartments, and constitute 23 other universes. The natural laws are the same in all the 24 universes.

People exactly like us in physique and intelligence exist on identical earths moving round identical suns in the other 23 universes, like our earth is moving round our sun in our universe. However, the space-time compartments of the universes are placed relative to one another, such that people on earth in one universe can, by no means whatever; observe any of the other universes and the events taking place in it. Electromagnetic (or radio) signals cannot be sent from one universe to another universe.

On the other hand, each of the laws of nature namely, the law of gravity, the law of motion, electromagnetism, law of propagation of light, quantum mechanics, etc, in a given universe, requires a number of other universes to be possible in the given universe. It is in order for all natural laws to be possible in every universe that 24 universes are required to co-exist in nature. In other words, this is why God created 24 universes (or worlds), in complete agreement with Hebrews 11:3 (NKJV) of the Holy Bible. This is the meaning of the completely new many-world background of the present unification theory.

It must be clarified that the existence of 24 universes is a formally derived fact and not a hypothesis in the theory. I have derived a new force of nature, which I refer to as laser-anti-gravitational force (LAGF) within the evolving theory. The LAGF can be used to reduce or nullify the weight of an object lifted into mid-air, and to cause a heavy object or craft to anti-gravitate, without the need for engine power or any other aid.

Image: (O. Akindele) Joseph

I have also derived exact and experimentally verifiable explanations of the origin of the unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and all the essential features of the UFO phenomenon, within the many-world background of the evolving theory. UFOs come from the earth of one of the other 23 universes isolated in the theory. They, on their earth in their universe, have developed the technology to perforate space-time and perform inter-universe transition (or journey), which does not require moving any distance in space, for them to be able to come to our earth in our universe. UFOs apply the LAGF to perform the great manoeuvres in mid-air for which they are well known. The explanation of UFO is certainly important to the U. S. A., U. K., France, Germany, and the other advanced nations, who had sought to unravel this mystery at great costs during the past 70 years.

The governments of nations of the world are no longer shying away from the reality of the 16th century prophecies of Michel Nostradamus. One of his predictions is that a man, he referred to as Great Genius, will arise on a land bounded by three seas on earth about the present time, who will do unprecedented scientific works that will lead to major discoveries. According to the predictions, the works of the Great Genius will include the explanations of Aliens (or UFOs) and Atlantis; a new force of nature that will greatly enhance living condition on earth; unification of science and religion, among many others. These predictions of Nostradamus are perfectly fulfilled by the present work. The concept of the lost world of the Atlantis in fiction is mimicry of the earth of one of the other 23 universes isolated in the theory, from which UFOs come to our earth.

Indeed Africa is bounded by three seas namely, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea — an ocean being a large sea. The Red Sea is an inflow of the Indian Ocean into a gap between Africa and Saudi Arabia, and must not be counted as a fourth sea bounding Africa. Thus, Africa qualifies as the land on which Nostradamus’ prophecy of the rising of the Great Genius will be fulfilled.

The great nations of the world know that the predicted great millennial scientific breakthroughs are already being actualised in Nigeria.


  1. I am not sure about there being exactly 24 universes, but rather that there are infinite number of parallel universes. And most of the so-called extraterrestrials are actually "hyperdimensional", existing mostly in the energy field outside the physical realm, and sometimes going back and forth between these two realms. That would explain why UFOs and aliens seem to defy physics as we know it. Very few extraterrestrials are strictly physical like us...the distance in space between stars and galaxies makes it virtually impossible to transverse using ordinary becomes necessary to bypass the physical realm and enter the subspace (or 4th or above dimensions). While you are in that realm, time and space become less meaningful and restricted.

    1. ...but two octaves... sixth of light harmonic...not necessary to solve the question "how many possible combinations of the notes of the music scale" to enjoy the music and play along with it.
      There is a simple explanation for why much seems to defy physics as you know it...your physics is in error.
      fyi...NO extraterrestrials or terrestrials are "strictly physical"...
      it is your assessment of virtual impossibility that is can travel between stars in a row boat if you wish...or in worn out shoes, as long as you don't play out of key...
      be well dear one...

    2. Classic Wave form.
      You dont even need to sign your work, but Ild rather you Did please.

      I cannot say I understand the details of what you have said here, but I feel I already understand their ultimate meaning.

      Yes, all is vibration, frequency, harmonics, ..... wave forms.
      Play the right song (so to speak) and you can move past the laws that you "Think" you know and understand and live by.
      Believe that they are rigid and live by them, and you will confine your self to their limitations of those laws, thus creating your own reality and living in a form of self imposed prison.
      Sadly, because I was born and raised in such laws, they have become my point of reference with little else to compare to, and thus, because I have no memory of my souls experiences before this incarnation, it is difficult to see past what is presented before me.
      I can SENSE there is more. But I cannot define it properly as I keep attempting to use my limited points of references to Do so, with out understanding How to break free of this limiting pattern.

      Your clues mean little to me as they do not work with my points of reference and I do Not understand how to make sense of them.
      So, Why can I sense there IS more, and be so very clear in my understanding of what I "Have" Fathomed with out actual proof or evidence to properly correlate to my incarnations limited perspective?
      Good question. Maybe I am some savant genius in some levels, maybe a part of my soul which knows better murmurs to me.

      Still. In the end, I would rather you be More Clear 144. and help define the clues you give more clearly for me to grasp.
      Because I am just Not smart or instinctual enough to get them.


    3. "clues" may not be clear to your thinking mind, but clearly they resonate with your intuition...ones senses are not enhanced by rational objectivity or those things of the ego mind...more so, the opposite likely true as is so often the case...the law of the inside out...can be difficult to distinguish source from reflection. to memory, much you call instinct and intuition is but recall you as yet fail to recognize as remnant memory of past lives...the savants gift is not a reflection of intelligence, hard work, or years of study...
      As to the distinction of this universe space/time, always the key has been hidden in plain ancient texts and megaliths...144,000...the harmonic waveform of light in free space. I once shared with you some simple maths that apply to 3-space as related to the number 9 and the ancient practice of gematria… as an example, where you to add I+4+4…=9 …a circle, 360 degrees…=9…the interior angles of a pentagram… 5x108=540=9…you see the formula…the secret of it is this,…there is a geometry of all things…even the most complex curvilinear structures…even space itself…the form a reflection of its harmonic resonance….cymatics… In 3- space…this universe…there is no form the interior angles of which when added and reduced can possibly ever be other than 9. You no doubt suspect I digress to rambling, however, soon you will see more of the geometrics/physical manifestation of vibration and know it for what it is.
      …connect your breaths, this settles the mind…with settling comes clarity…with clarity, remembrance…
      Be Well Dear One…

    4. Sigh.

      My life is filled with calamity, stress, frustration of the mortal world at the moment.
      I cannot sleep. I have diarrhea. Nose bleeds. My stomach is in knots.
      These are not exaggerations. In a month or two, I will likely be on the streets.
      Stability which I had enjoyed for the last couple of years is now being yanked away, by greedy selfish people. I have No legal means to combat it.
      Obviously, its difficult for me to find my peace. My inner wise person.
      I really needed to return to meditation, and now I am in such chaos, I dont know how to achieve it. My mind goes to places of want of petty revenge.
      Rationalizing it as justice.
      The timing of it, though I cannot tell you all the details seems profound. Like some force knew the perfect time to screw me for the maximum effect.
      This is not a first time for such timing. I have always found it Odd.

      Now look whom is rambling.
      Too much info.
      By the way, I utterly suck at math. And most things to do with / associate with it. Great at Chess. Not so much math.

      Good hearing from you WF.
      I wish I could sleep.

      ~ V.

  2. I am well aware of your limitations in math, I believe having aroused some confusion previously.
    …only have to be able to count to 9 to reduce all form in 3-space…from a 180 degree…(1+8+0) to the most complex form…the nature of this 3-space…simple, yes…in it the most profound of truths from Planck scale to golden mean to…fractals and the math of Mandelbrot…many things I share with you are not meant to bear fruit the day the seed is planted…
    Would be good to recover your health…all issues reflect imbalance…Dr. Wallach might offer some benefit nutritionally…beyond that, know I do not waist words with you dear one…do you think I wax poetic referring to “between breaths”? neglect you meditations…understandably…were you to change focus to the connection of one breath to the next…nothing more…those things meant to be tools…mind…ego…become tools again, rather than master run wild…allow truth to flow through you…clutch no thing…things of great mystery have long captivated you…at some point you decide to indulge the tingle of the mystery or resolve to accept the quiet of the understanding of it…
    Be Well Dear One…

    1. I need a little more elaboration.
      Do you Know how to contact me with normal mail?
      Its important to me to talk to you Not in this place.
      ~ V.

    2. ...V...Ron has approval to release e-mail address I will receive for next 18 be well dear one...nothing with out reason...discomfort is motivating!


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