The "Annunaki-Sumerian" Language of Frequency and Form

Throughout history, numerous clues and hints regarding geometry and frequency have been staring at us, calling to us, and waiting for us to put them into place like pieces of a giant puzzle.

Here at the dawn of a new age, this sonic-geometric puzzle is finally nearing completion, revealing the building blocks of a language based on energy, frequency and form.

How will we use it? With whom will we be communicating? Now that we know the basics of this new language, maybe we are ready to begin the conversation..

The ancient Sumerians wrote: The language of frequency and form is given to us by 'Skygod' visitors, called Annunaki.

Note: After you have watched the entire video, think also about the patterns "language-frequency-form" in the crop circles and the strange sounds "language-frequency" heard worldwide. 



  1. I clicked on this blog only because of the image. The eyes of ancient sculpture were photoshoped to shining blue. The weird thing is when I was on my holiday with my ex-boyfriend in Egypt his eyes shinned the same way during one night. I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night finding him kneeling over me and staring down directly at my face.His whole eyes were shining blue in the dark. It was stronger blue shade than the eyes of sculpture but apart of that they looked exactly the same. I just said :oh my god Radko what are you doing! and he jumped off me and went to sleep on his side of the bed. I asked him what was he doing he did not reply. I was so shocked ,it was so strange the feeling I got from him was so strange that I rather left it be. He wasn't like human,him wasn't himself at that moment. I know it happened to him once in Italy when he shared a room with one guy and he was so scared of him after that. So there were 2 people seeing him like this. I am not insane.I saw what I saw and have never heard of it ever in my life or found some information on internet. There is nothing.Has anyone any clues what it can be? Btw he was fascinated by UFO when he was teenager.Just a little remark. I would love to know one day what was it.

    1. Thank you for sharing.
      I suspect an Avatar situation. Where a higher being temporarily uses the body to visit here and carry out agenda's.
      Where as, similarly, lower being would be referred to as demons, and possession.
      We do not hear about higher beings doing this as often because they are more respectful, not chaotic. Do not draw negative attention to them selves.

    2. I would love to heart a little more about this person- like who his parents were, if you know the kind of work they did, was he crazy smart, any stories he told you that you remember, and generally what kind of guy he was... was he a weirdo? seem like a robot, did you feel unsafe.....? I'm totally sincere btw. Very interesting story.

    3. I did not feel unsafe during that moment. I felt that something unknown and much stronger/bigger than me is looking at me. I would not discuss his parents and anything further about him on some blog. He is beautiful person.

    4. Sounds like he was possessed, maybe the spirit or entity is so close to him that when he drifts into a deep unconscious sleep it is so powerful it takes over his corpse. Strange but heard similar things before.... Has he ever indulged in the occult/spiritual side or had a negative past or things of present?

    5. Like the one above, Aaron R, I have to agree. He is possessed and the UFO's everyone is obsessed with belong to the demons and fallen angels travelling around this earth in hopes of nabbing a victim who has no faith in Jesus, believe it or not, that request given to you, that invitation, is a very good idea to take because of these things, they will possess you, take from you slowly and eventually kill you. Look at all the celebrities and what all is going on right now in the media. It's all happening now, the warnings mentioned throughout the bible. Call it a lie, call it insanity like everyone else or take heed to this warning. Get saved by Jesus and know that you will actually be safe, do your research and you'll find out very soon, that all you see in the media compares more and more with the bible.

  2. The subject matter of frequency here is rather enlightening.
    No mere coincidence that these numbers, shapes, sizes and frequencies are all interlinked in nature. They are our keys. There are doors to be opened here.
    They are waiting.


    1. Agree. I find the timing of it interesting as well, particularly considering how related it seems to be to old posts I have been attempting to locate. The credits say this vid was made in November, 2013. Someone is waking up! Here are a couple from this site, many many more from this and the old site over the last couple of years.

      Copied from Aug 18 post,
      “ this vein, "elevated perception and discernment" requires a bedrock of truth...even more ancient than the writings in question...given by the dear one of many names...Hermes, Li Tzu, MdK, Thoth, Shem, Melchizdek...
      I would suggest focus on three..."all is mind"...might want to let this sink in...correspondence, "as above, so below"...given as your key to perception..."all is vibration"...even beyond 3-space, no thing of consciousness, creation, mind, matter, energy lies beyond the truth of harmonic resonance/ the center, the harmonic of light in free space...144,000...familiar? to those with ears open...”
      be well dear ones...

      And a couple of snips from the 27th,
      “chaos but the unraveling of the perception...144,000, the harmonic of light in free space...below, matter things of three space (and 4 and 5 space...clue and warning in this)...above,3rds, 5ths,7ths, 9ths...same old song..."just a drop of water in the endless sea" ...your choice...light in the balance...haha..”
      ..”.endings/beginnings...faces of mind...the first "law"...all is mind, yet the science of this time states it is entropy...but what do you see?...wither you look inward or outward...neg-entropy...the self ordering harmonic mind...the music of THIS SPACE written in the key of light in free space...given in seconds of arc, 144,000...not by chance though the meaning of it obscured, this number so often repeated in ancient well, there are places,...and entities, that resonate in a different key and do not hold the best interest of this place in heart…” wf144

      I got a kinda eerie feeling re-reading that last line. Going to have to think on the meaning of it awhile.

    2. I have been thinking on this, and other statements for a while... lots of apparent contradiction to be found as well as insight.

    3. Im really not fond of obscurity and riddles. mostly because most riddles tend to be invalid, having more than one answer.
      "just a drop of water in the endless sea" Kansas - Dust in the wind.
      Doesnt mean he was directing you to a song, per say. see? too many possible answers and out comes.

      Some times My gut tells me there is a message here which if you can figure it out in time, and utilize it, raise vibration, and unlock, YOU can be among those chosen for what some call the Rapture. Taken out of here before the sh!te hits the fan by actual forces of light.
      Im sure the notion is just a fantasy, a desire that I want to happen so bad, that My evidence Wants me to read it thusly.
      One wonders if, in exploring these harmonics the warning is given not to contact with out intending to, those whom are a part of the problem. Part of the deception.

      Soon, my own investigations will be steered towards sound, meditation, balance, and reaching out ward to make contact.
      I invite those able, to share resonance.


    4. May well be a reference to "Dust in the wind". When I looked up the lyrics, certainly full of meaning, I found something else that surprised me. What I found was at least a dozen recordings of the song done in 432 Hz. Maybe just a co-incidence, don't know but it is a little odd.
      Reading many of the "riddles" reminds me of those pictures that you have to look at awhile till you see it in a different way, then suddenly you see something completely different that was there all the time, hiding in plain sight.
      The change to 440 in music from 432 I suspect was an act of intentional deception by the church and the scientific community. The intention being to obscure truth (the obvious). Many people have pointed this out. Why? To keep some ancient knowledge in the hands of the elite? Maybe so, and maybe not the whole hidden picture.
      "as well, there are places,...and entities, that resonate in a different key and do not hold the best interest of this place in heart…” wf144
      Odd closing line, I doubt it's a meaningless riddle, particularly since it was posted on a blog discussing et's/dimensional beings and such things as if they are good or bad. I think I just had one of those vision shifts. I don't think it is a riddle to be solved at all. More of a "to the point" statement of fact as to the nature of certain "dimensional beings" that do not resonate in harmony with this world/ space. Puts the motive of the church and scientific elite in a different perspective. No doubt they know this and have for hundreds if not thousands of years. Lots of satin/ fallen angel/ extra-dimensional being worshipers in those secret societies! If the resonant frequency of our dimension is 432, "based on the harmonic of light in free space", what the hell is the frequency of their dimension? I'm going to guess, 440! With that in mind, I'm going to go back and re-read as many posts as I can find about pyramids and why they were really built. Got a hunch I already know what I will find. Not just harmonic devices as many now except. I think wave left all the equations to show they amplified AND modified the earths frequency. Dimensional portals.

    5. could only pull up the first 6 pages, what did you find?

  3. It is a personal thing. Each of you decide it's meaning how you wish. Some negative others positive.
    Words can be written so plainly and simply in a book. That book can slap you in the face yet you believe what you will. Your choice.
    If you don't understand it, hate it. Some are good at that. Negativity takes you as a whole. It consumes you.
    MInd set.
    Those that resonate in a different key....locusts.

    Much more has been left... some personal.

    Do not expect it to be handed to you on a silver platter!
    This world is full of taking. Too many hold hands out and say 'I want".

    Much has been taken from oneself already. Mind and heart stay the same.

    I take my leave for now.

    Be well


  4. It is not understood by some that what is apparent and simple to them is confusing and fleeting for others. Is it really "negative" to observe the things going on, and feel concern for this world? When you realize situations and decisions are being made without ones knowing, yet in plain sight. I'm not asking for anything on a platter, and I certainly don't "want" anything. I feel an obligation to follow the path that life has presented me- even if it causes me to be stressed, afraid at times, keeps me up at night, and often seems like a game of cat-and-mouse. My concern is for this world, the children and the people in it-including myself. Just because myself and others do not accept things at face value does not mean it is hated, or even suspect. I personally, just want to be left alone, but that is not whats happening right now. I accept all insight and help with gratitude and humility- yet I will reserve judgment on all things until it feels right.
    I'm sorry we have been misunderstanding each other lately Jay. Its not like you think though.
    Take care.


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