The End Game 2013

Bizarre or they know something.

Last April:

The Hardin Valley Academy in Knox County, Tennessee has a Zombie Pandemic Project for the whole school. The project was based on a "virus". And the US Army has taken a series of steps to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse as part of its annual US Army-North’s Hurricane Rehearsal of Concept drills. They’ve actually included the possibility of zombies in their drills and preparations.

They kicked off “Project Z” by inviting author Max Brooks, the writer behind the awesome Zombie Survival Guide and the movie World War Z. They also held a mock triage drill in a landfill to assess the severity of a natural disaster much in the same way the military does in Brooks’ oral zombie history novel.

Of course, the inclusion of zombies in their drills are purely allegorical and just a way to help prepare mankind for actual, real world disasters by tapping into their inner-zombie geek.

About the movie World War Z release date: June 21, 2013: A U.N. employee is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic. The deadly zombie pandemic is caused by - Bird flu virus -

Important notice: FEMA already demanding 24 Hour delivery of emergency food reserves, force homeowners to buy unnecessary insurance, preparing for the worst in Region 3, (DHS) has bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.

Now, N.Morgan says FEMA is placing a contract to have up to 6,000,000 “autoclavable” cotton blankets available for emergency distribution. The requirement that the blankets be “autoclavable” are a strong indication that these blankets are for medical use. Given recent government ordering trends, this is likely further preparation for the government’s expected H7N9 bird flu pandemic.

We believe that the risk of such a pandemic is low, but the impact may be staggeringly high. The information for this order may be found at the following federal solicitations. HSFE70-13-R-0034 and its update, # HSFE70-13-R-007

Can we expect a pandemic, a natural disaster or even WW3?

Anyway, THEY are prepared for The End Game. Here is a important link with all executive orders: FEMA/NWO CAMP LIST 04-09-2013  ( )  

Is this what WE can expect? (video)



  1. yeah scary stuff, yet FEMA had a section on its website about pandemic zombies attacks and suggestions about how to deal with that, which when I first noticed it, I thought it was a joke but maybe it isn't... Reality seems much scarier than fiction !

  2. There won't be any zombies coming out of the graves or dead, rotting people walking. BUT it is possible a disease outbreak could cause some people to literally go crazy or mess up their brain. Many viruses infect the brain-- causing many symptoms such as memory loss, seizures, mood swings, and so on. Rabies is one example. I assume that they are thinking of an outbreak of some type of virus that can infect the brain, causing confusion and violent behavior before it eventually kill the person. -M-

  3. Weaponized Rabies.
    Destroys cognitive functions, communications capabilities, reverting the brain to basic functions of survival, impulse, desire, need. Heightens aggression, lowers pain and fear reaction thresholds.
    Highly contagious.


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