The Orb Phenomenon: The Existence of a Reality Beyond Ours

In orbs, we are definitely looking at realities that are in our world, though not exactly physical.

We usually live life in consciousness without really knowing where we come from and where we are going. The world of other dimensional beings is probably very diverse.

Extract from orbrealm:

There is possibly a group consciousness in orbs, seeming to maneuver together like a flock of birds which is somehow connected in conscious movements. The photographic mechanism is that orbs are induced by the camera flash to emit light. An orb would have to be an "energetic globe," which also explains why orbs typically show up as circular images. Photos of orbs often show concentric circles which seem circular and flat, but probably represent a true spherical structure. These beings are able to concentrate their "energy" in physical form into physical locations as they please, and it is obvious that this energy "globe" is excited by the visible light energy contained in the flash to emit electromagnetic energy, including in the near-visible light spectrum.

Orbs are electromagnetic in nature, possibly energy fields or thought forms. The color of the ionizing radiation that they emit is most likely an indication of the existence of the frequencies to which they belong. Orbs appear to be able to open a torsion field vortex. The development of what seems to be a torsion vortex (related to electromagnetic spin) in many orb photographs may indicate that there are orb forms which belong to a torsion field.

The known effects of the torsion vortex on the shielding of gravity and bending of time-space fabric.

With fluorescence as the most likely mechanism that orbs are rendered visible, then orbs are fluorescing light back to us from within themselves. If orbs fluoresce back ‘infrared light’, then these beings must belong to the infrared realm or slightly above. This presence suggests the existence of levels of the physical universe other than those that we currently acknowledge or that we consider only as frequency bands. They are not beings of the physical universe we inhabit, actually belong to other realms above this one.

Only when orbs collect enough free electrons do they become visible to the camera. When that collection reaches a sufficient density they can also become temporarily visible to the naked eye.

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The video below shows that orbs are electromagnetic in nature.