Time Travel: Al Bielek Travels to the 28th Century

Al Bielek (Ed Cameron) dives into the water with brother Duncan Cameron, with plans to swim ashore, after seeing the horrors of the disaster the Philadelphia Experiment did to the men, including brother Jim.

Instead of hitting the cold water, they found themselves flying through clouds and blacked out.

When they awoke, they were in the hospital with radiation burns of the ionizing type, memories wiped and everything was cool, until an orderly turned on the TV.

A big screen television hung on the wall and best of all, it was in color You can imagine how they felt.

For six weeks they recovered in the hospital and one day Al Bielek vanished. He was sent by someone to the year, 2749 where he worked as a tour guide for 3 years, until they told him he'd have to return to the 20th Century.

This would be like someone telling you that you have to return to the 13th Century! How dreadful, so Al told them, 'No thanks!'

They said you will go and he said, 'But I don't want to' They they said there are problems and you have to go back to solve them and so back he went He had to spend the rest of his life, living under a Nazi government.

Mr. Bielek gained a degree of public recognition for the first time with his well-know testimony at the MUFON conference in 1990. At that time he stated that he was a true eyewitness and participant to the Philadelphia Experiment.

But according to bielek.debunked.com who did a long term investigation into the so called "Philadelphia Experiment" and the claims made by Alfred Bielek:

1. Alfred Bielek never participated in the Philadelphia Experiment
2. Alfred Bielek never witnessed the Philadelphia Experiment
3. Alfred Bielek was no where near the Philadelphia Experiment test when it occurred

The facts published on bieliek.debunked.com demonstrate that Mr. Bielek, as well as his companions Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron, willfully crafted one of the biggest hoaxes to spread from the internet.

The Philadelphia Experiment:

Image:  USS Eldridge

On August 12, 1943 (or October 28, 1943 - accounts differ) the US Navy conducted a test of some sort on the USS Eldridge (DE [Destroyer Escort] 173) at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The exact nature of this test is open to speculation. Possible tests include experiments in magnetic invisibility, radar invisibility, optical invisibility or degaussing (rendering the ship immune to magnetic mines). The test (or tests) were conducted, only to produce undesirable results. Afterwards, the project (supposedly called 'Project Rainbow') was canceled.

Alfred Bielek passed away in October 2011, but his name will remain associated with the Philadelphia Experiment and what remains amazing is that Bielek's story was widely accepted by the media and his 'fan community' without criticism.

You think Alfred Bielek's story is true or just a hoax?
If you want to believe, but you have questions, even better.

Video: Al Bielek talks about his experiences.



  1. Yeah, but what if these guys were, in their hoaxes, unwittingly remote viewing the future without realizing it? How about that?


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