UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports #05 - Sept 7, 2013



At first, I only saw 1 and what caught my eyes was the color and shape. It was in a shape of a cross and thicker in the middle and bright orange in color and moving very slowly without any sounds. As I got closer to my house, I cleared some of the trees and noticed that it had come to a complete stop. I didn’t see any blinking lights. As I got in front of my house, I had a clear sight and noticed a 2nd object exactly the same. The first object had come to a complete stop and the 2nd identical looking object approached very slowly.

I ran in the house to get my cell phone to get a picture and ran to the backyard that gave a complete unobstructed view of where the both objects were. That was less than 20 seconds and they were no longer there. Ran to the front of the house and did not see or hear anything -

NOTE: NUFORC currently has 237 reports of cross-shaped UFO on file. One of the more interesting cases on record was the Devon Flying Cross. When I started to look over the reports, I was amazed at the number of the cross-shaped UFOs that have been reported. Most of the UFOs were white or orange in color...some would morph in another shape (mostly a cigar or cylinder). There has been a very high number of orange and orange-red orbs recently seen worldwide....The above image is an actual photo taken in the United Kingdom.



I couldn't sleep, so I suggested to my boyfriend that we go out and look at the sky. I live in a heavily light-polluted area, so getting a good look at the stars is a rare occurrence. With few clouds and the moon out of view, for once, there were a fair amount of visible stars. We grabbed a blanket, set it up on my front lawn, and fixed our eyes on a stationary star above us in attempt to see some shooting stars. After about 20 minutes of laying and staring we both witnessed an extremely bright circular object appear right before our eyes. It looked kind of like a star, in that it was white-blue in color and the same spherical shape, however it seemed much closer and was brighter than anything I have ever witnessed in the night sky.

I immediately felt emotional, sitting up and beginning to cry for unknown reasons. It only lasted for a second or two before fading out and disappearing completely, without moving from its original location. After seeing this, we were both confused and shocked.

We began to rule out what it couldn't be, and were left with no explanation as to what it was. After a few minutes (5-10) of frenzied ideas, while still staring at the sky, the light returned -- this time slightly above our heads and behind us, but bright enough so as soon as it appeared we were both fixated on it. It behaved exactly as it did the first time, eliciting the same emotional reaction, and faded out just as quickly.

I have been interested in the possibilities that the night sky holds for some time, and have spent plenty of time staring up -- in my area and other more secluded regions where the stars are plentiful and easily seen, but I have never seen anything like this before. This was brighter any star, plane, or satellite I have ever seen and too perfectly circular to be just an iridium flare.

Note: The above image was reported on 10-4-12 Madison County Illinois--MUFON case file. This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer of MUFON New Jersey



This past Saturday night I was at Lake Arcadia around 12:30-1:00 in the morning fishing for catfish. I was fishing out of this old Juan boat and there was absolutely no one else on the water. The only other people that I saw out there that evening was a group of 12 to 15 people around a fire on a campsite on opposite side of the lake. Believe me, you could tell and hear that they were there. However there was no one at that site for a while before the sighting.

I was getting ready to leave when about 60 to 75 yards behind me, a giant bright and glowing light appeared under the lakes surface. It was fairly large and had a light green color to it with a rhythmic flashing of red and blue lights. Then the light began moving from western side of the lakes shore to the eastern side and back to the other side a couple of times then it stopped almost near the center of the lake.

At that moments it grew brighter and slightly larger than shot straight up in the air and into the sky and seemingly disappeared for a couple of seconds and reappeared hovering right over the campsite that I mentioned earlier and disappeared again. Then reappeared again maybe a minute later and shot up into the sky and went out of sight and I never saw it again.

I drove my boat over to the site where the craft was hovering over as fast as I could get there. However, I did not recognize anything out of the ordinary. Just a white ford truck with several bags of trash in the bed and a couple other sitting beside it. I did not see any one by the truck or in the immediate area. Note: The above image is a rendering.



My two friends and I were sitting on the 3rd floor balcony on Tuesday night just watching the night sky and talking. Our view was over the Atlantic Ocean facing Cuba and it was a quiet night. All of sudden a bright light appeared in the sky right in front of us. At first we thought it was a meteor. It was traveling very slowly to the north. As it moved in an even path we saw a tail of sparks begin to form looking much like those of a welder's flame. It appeared to be one big slow moving vehicle but as it continued in a northerly direction and passed us it began to separate and we could see one large ship and two smaller ones following behind. There was no sound and it didn't arc like meteor. Spell bound we watched it for several minutes until it disappeared.

Although we had cameras and cell phones a few feet away inside the condo, none of us wanted to stop watching long enough to get a shot. But we are convinced it was a UFO. And no, we weren't drunk. We know what we saw. There have been reported sightings of a similar craft in California and Arizona. Now that's what I call a vacation memory!

It wasn’t the first time I saw a UFO but this one was atypical. After the crafts passed out of sight we call went on line to see if anyone else reported it. We figured someone in Marathon or another part of the upper Keys must have seen it but we couldn’t find any other reports. One of my friends found a reference to flame throwing UFO’s sighted in California and Arizona but not much else.

I drew a picture (but I am no artist) and I will try to post it to you. What made this one unusual was that it first appeared in the dark sky as a bright flash of light. We thought at first it was a meteor. They it began to move from a position of about 2 o’clock (in the south end of the sky) in a northerly directions headed up the Key. As it began to move, we could see what looked like sparks trailing behind in a huge fireball that seemed to span the distance of a 100 yard, as big as a football field. It was moving very slowly and there was no sound.

When it didn’t arc and begin to fall out of the sky like a comet would, we knew this was something else entirely. As it passed in front of us, it appeared to be comet like, meaning one ball of flame but as it headed north we saw it separate into three “ships”. The one in front was larger and flying slightly ahead of the other two smaller ones. The whole thing took about 2 –3 minutes before it passed out of sight leaving us spell bound. Note: The above image is a rendering.

Special thanks to the witness Elissa Bentsen and my friend and source Fahrusha at: http://fahrusha.wordpress.com http://www.fahrusha.com



I was saying farewell to two associates on a driveway off of Kappler Road in St Helens Oregon when we all noticed out of the corner of our vision a strange cloud or presence to our NE. A translucent object, generally oval in shape, was moving down towards the Earth a few miles above us and to the NE. It was wavering like thermal waves above hot piece of asphalt in the summer.

The ship was transparent or translucent (could see the blue sky behind it). As we watched it halted and immediately released steam jets, or venting, at regular positions along its bottom edge. Instantly the steam moved off to the North, carried by the wind. Seconds later the ship completely disappeared and all was left to be seen was the steam moving far off and dissipating. All of this took maybe 15-20 seconds.

About 1 minute or less later 2 fighter jets flew directly over us at a very high altitude. I could see their trails when they turned, but not when they flew straight ahead. The jets left only slight arcs of vapor to mark their turns. Several times the jets turned in a serpentine motion which was quite rare for the skies above northwest Oregon. Typically they are just heading out of the area in a straight line. We all looked at each other and my friend, said, That was like something out of Men in Black, and we all laughed and said our goodbyes. That is all I have to report. Note: The above image is a rendering.



I was walking to my parents house at approx. 10:30-11PM. I was on the phone with a friend. 100 yards from while I was observing a very large orange ball of light hovering about 15 miles of my position. After a few minutes a billiards triangle shaped object swoops in as if sliding sideways on its edge. Making it possible to clearly make out its outline and position of large soft white lights at each corner with a larger soft red center.

I was quick on the draw already snapping pic while relaying what I was seeing to my friend and had the phone video camera rolling as it rolled flat never made a sound. I then noticed that there was another further south and then another etc. I counted 8 total all hovering at what appeared to be the same altitude. The triangle moved in an L shaped trajectory headed south toward the orange objects and so low it passed behind a grove of trees. When it emerged it appeared to be a helicopter. I don't mean I misidentified, I mean it looked like a white bottomed blue lit skid rail with a red rear prop light and white nose light which was not descernable through the camera.

It traveled about a mile before it banked right on its side and dove like a high diver into the trees again no sound and only about 3.5-5 miles away probably over Meridean st. The orange lights would occasionally move in unison a short distance. I was shocked to catch a third set of craft moving fast and low together almost the same way a roller coasters carts look if there were only 2 carts and you could only make out two bright pulsing red lights in the low front fog light position . With a single pastel blue pulsing light in the rear higher than the fronts significantly. They were silent, very low and directly south of me headed west to east. They were the smallest and shortest sighting.

The entire event happened over a 1 mile stretch of road in the area that I spent the better part of 27 years. I have watched these skies from this area my entire life and only experienced something this life changing once before. It should be noted that immediately after the second craft dove into the trees there was an intense static in the air and the smell of ozone was that of an impending rain squall. However, there wasn't a single cloud in the sky nor mosquito to swat.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional info via email or phone. I have attached the video pictures of the triangle craft and balls of light. I assure you that this is legit as I have spent every night listening Coast to Coast am program while watching the rural sky and have waited for the chance to share an important event. I believe this is that event. Thanks for being available to us.



It was approximately ten am or somewhere around that time. The Sun was still low and to my right rear from the building that I just walked out from. I decided to have a cigarette,while smoking said cigarette I was looking around the work site and while doing so I also looked to the sky, no particular area just around. When I looked to my left I observing a large low puffy cloud at that moment an object came from its cover.

Just to make note, I probably would have missed said object if it had not reflected the sun off its surface. after leaving the cloud cover. The sky was blue with visilable clouds in the far distance. The object was long tube like, more like a cigarette and the clouds were low. Mistaking it for a jetliner was impossible.

As it moved away from me in a westerly direction I noticed it made no noise what so ever. Its surface seemed opaque slightly white. As I stood there in awe watching it move over the site I did not blink for fear of losing contact with it, as it moved further away at a very high speed. It appeared to blend in with sky. Its speed was not that swoosh movement we all see on the big and small screen it was a steady deliberate speed. It was low enough to know it wasn't a conventional craft.

I've observed lots air craft around the plant and this did not fit the bill. It took all of about three seconds to leave my sight as it faded away over the the hills in the distance then the ocean beyond. I feel blessed to have seen it and hope to see more in the future. Note: The above UFO was spotted over Atworth England on 8-1-13

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  1. Well that cross is surely a sign! I didn't realise these have been spotted increasingly all around the world. That in the picture almost looks like a holographic projection by some entity nearby. If not a holographic projection are these the same objects that chane shape and make signs that can be decoded such as weird crop circles?!

  2. Do not discount Project blue beam and its distractions and adgenda's.
    All is possible.

  3. Never discounting that possibility! To me that cross looks almost red and something negative about it, false flag gut feeling!


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