World War 3: Aliens and the threat of nuclear weapons - Sept 7, 2013

There is much discussion about the threat of nuclear weapons and the people have the entire reason to be scared.

Any US military intervention in Syria will merely exacerbate the crisis in the Arab country and put the globe on the brink of World War 3.

How real is the threat that nuclear weapons will be used?

This planet is being visited by beings from another world who for whatever reason, have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race that began at the end of WWII.

Declassified government documents and witness testimony from former or retired U.S. Military personnel confirm beyond any doubt, the reality of ongoing UFO incursions at nuclear-weapons sites.

These aliens have infiltrated US and UK nuclear missile sites and deactivated the weapons.

Vandenberg Air Force Base in California: In 1962 a long-range missile was deactivated by an unidentified flying object. In the video below, Dr. Bob Jacobs explains how this UFO beams at a dummy warhead and shut it down.


Capt. Salas graduated from the Air Force Academy and spent seven years in active duty from 1964 to 1971. He testifies about a UFO incident on the morning of March 16, 1967 where 16 nuclear missiles simultaneously became non-operational at two different launch facilities immediately after guards saw UFOs hovering above.

The guards could not identify these objects even though they were only 30 feet away.


Finally, there will be no more mass use of nuclear detonations. Aliens will not let us use these weapons anymore. They shut them down at nuclear-weapons sites and in satellites.


  1. THIS is what I am Talking about...

    ~ V.

  2. ...hhmmm...U 2 might want to pursue this...amazing resonance...

  3. ...unfortunately, no intervention, much as you would hope otherwise...solve it on your own or not...but a tick on the clock if you recover 5,000 or 25,000 from your hands...watchers watch...

  4. Jesus specifically told everyone to watch for signs in the sky, that we would know when his return was imminent. I believe it is just a matter of very short time. And I believe that there are beings, "aliens" that do have our back and they're tired of watching stupid, careless humans destroy our planet.

    1. dear to me...your beliefs a blend of truths and wishful thinking...if none intervene, does not mean aren't with you in spirit...even the giant redwoods re-seed time to time...

    2. Some times I think I may evoke a meditative state of sorts when I merely sit to respond, read, type here.
      Notions come to me that feel beyond material and time thinking.
      Interference, on a physical level, direct or other wise may not be what We think. what we want it, wish it to be. Not part of the greater plan.
      All that happens, was meant to happen, will happen, was meant to.
      Beyond good and evil, the universe in the physical sense will still turn long after this sun has become a red giant, collapsed and burnt out. Long after the souls that have frequented physical form and flesh here have moved on to new experiences, many, not even in the physical realms.
      In the larger eternal scheme, the tiny things that happen here at the given moment enrich the experience, give it context, but are essentially not all that relevant compared to the greater journey. In this, truth becomes universal.
      The lies and corruptions of the moment in the little minds which mire them selves in the physical, forgetting their greater journey so that they can more fully experience this moment separated from greatness.
      The lies we tell our selves because the mind in its current limitations Needs to anchor it self to some level of understanding, no matter weather it is the universal truth or the truth of the moment based on our experiences and limited temporary perspective.
      Even the soul I feel has layers. Like an Onion if you will.
      As your body is merely a layer which your soul will wear for the time of this incarnate experience, so too are their other layers to the soul it self. Bodies of energy and consciousness that we as mortal fleshy minds cannot fathom.
      It has been suggested that the soul can be devoured, that there are evn some aliens entities, demons which do so. like food or fuel or sustenance. But I now think, only a level, layer, body is being devoured.
      There are other layers untouched that move on to other experiences. merge with other souls, mingle, separate, move on.
      When time exists not. When the universe burns out in the physical and renews. All that has happened here seems less relevant.
      These petty greed's. lies of governments and illuminati's.
      Even alien cultures whom manipulate and deceive operate at a level refusing to embrace such a notion. But one day, they too will See. All rivers lead to the ocean. some take longer more treacherous and winding paths.
      I think we as humans were given a gift to move forward more quickly. too quickly perhaps?
      Emotions run deeper here. lessons harder.
      The grand experiment moves on. And one day, this level of it, will have reached the ocean and new levels of the grand experiment will be proposed.
      I don't bother with the bible, written by men whom either sought to gain control, or, misinterpreted events, and twisted them to meet their own limited perspectives.
      The message is more important than the words or the details or the rules others would have you cling to.
      Truths and wishful thinking's, are merely things of the moment, all but lost in the souls journey to find the Whole.
      Those aliens or entities whom care about us may be onto what I speak of. And thus, interference / intervention, having our backs, may not come in the form we think or wish for.
      What is was meant to be.
      Soon it will simply be time to move on now, move forward.

      (The absence of nothing)

  5. My beliefs are wishful thinking? I don't believe so. It's called trusting in God and having complete and utter faith.

    1. ...wishful thinking is positive thinking dear one...all good...your beliefs however, regardless of what they are, are but things you accept with out knowing truth...such is the nature of all beliefs...I only encourage you to know truth, and let beliefs rest...
      Be Well dear one

  6. Its not us that the various alien races watching care about. Its the planet. Someone needs to watch and protect this once beautiful living and breathing planet that births various life forms and sure as hell isn't us dumb under evolved humans that's for sure. All we do as rape,pillage and dump waste with no regret or remorse. We fire bombs at other humans at the drop of a hat because of a dick measuring contest that didn't go right. As a whole its easy to see where things are headed. We should have been a peaceful people by new working together as one by evolutionary standards but unfortunately the idiots and corporations that make decisions for all of humanity and weaponize space without our knowledge are the ones in charge. They are leading us on a path of destruction and evil. Its a sinking ship and we are all on it minus a few elites with space travel capabilities and arvs. Damnit.

    1. Inaccurate.
      There are indeed Many races that care about US.
      Many of their souls reside here, to gain experiences not available else where.
      Know that the history of your incarnations goes beyond this place.
      That the soul is older than the rock and the star stuff.

      ~ Varakienen.

    2. Interesting.
      I just made an Inaccurate reference to a souls concern for Time.
      Or, a souls comparison to time. Age.
      I believe This does not much exist for a soul on the wave lengths its layers reside upon.
      There needs to be an Edit setting here, not merely a delete. lol.

      ... I am tired.
      ~ V.

  7. We are just a experiment of the god he come to know our result we know what we had did

  8. when ww3 starts, nuc weapons will the main destruction of our planet, at the end of ww3, alien life forms will show, the world will then work together and a secret organisation (which i cannot say) will make a flase flag attack as they hve made a deal with these life forms. We will all cme under a new world order (one GOVERNMENT) I cannot say who it is, i knw, ppl will be put in different containment camps, the organisation will then give humans to the alien life forms, the alien culture are advance, but not as advance as they want 2 be. They will experiment on the humans provided by the organisation. WW3 is 2 also make some ppl rich.


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