Green Orb being "refueled" by a smaller saucer-like craft below it? - Oct 26, 2013

A strange UFO video has been posted to YouTube showing what looks like an orb being "refueled" by a smaller craft below it. What is it?

Witness comment:

"I went out side of my work to smoke a cigarette.I was standing there when a bright greenish light caught my attention. After watching it for a moment I noticed it seemed to be getting a transfer of light from below it..I took out my cell phone and started recording what I was seeing."

A green orb is hovering over a smaller, more saucer-like craft. Several bolts of light appear to emanate from the smaller disc directly into the larger orb, apparently being absorbed. Read more..

The location is not given, but it looks like this object is similar to the mysterious lights that are seen worldwide.