Mysterious luminous object falls in Russian forest and catches fire on Oct 15, 2013

Luminous object falls in Russian forest and catches fire on October 15, 2013

According to Zazoom Social News, Russian newspaper Pro Town claims there were many witnesses on October 15 to a luminous object falling in the forest near Privetnoye in the Omsk region of Russia before the fire occurred.

A witness saw the object fall and stopped his car near the fire. He says the object was “very dazzling". They tried to put out the fire, but say that even foam could not quell the intense flames.

According to the emergency situations Ministry said that it is rubbish and the local police finally concluded it was just a pile of garbage.

The witness does not seem convinced, and mentions discovering white crystals at the site.


Video below: Witness discusses the discovery of white crystals at the site. (Someone can translate the discussion into English?) More videos here and here . Zazoom asks, whether the object was a UFO, meteorite or a piece of an experimental rocket or just a hoax. Via and openmindstv



  1. it sure looks like a magnesium fire to me and even whats left after the fire looks like burned magnesium all the white residue/powder.

  2. Seems like a bunch of doods camping who got bored and threw and old mag rim from a car in the fire...I agree that its magnesium. Without any video of this "object" falling from the sky, I call b.s on that.


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