Strike Zone 2: Yellowstone Supervolcano 44 N 111 W

Did you know that three mass shootings have occurred on dates associated with the Batman movie, and that all three of these shootings occurred on a Friday, and a day of a crescent moon?

7/20/2012: Aurora, CO movie shootings; a Friday, and day of a crescent moon.
12/14/2012: Sandy Hook shootings; a Friday, and day of a crescent moon.
6/7/2013: Santa Monica shootings; a Friday, and day of a crescent moon.

(Note: If you are not familiar with the Santa Monica shootings here is a link to a news report about the incident.  )

These shootings also occurred at “esoterically important” time intervals past the Batman movie release day/Aurora shooting. They occurred at 147 and 322 days respectively. Without going into too much detail, 147 is a number associated with the antichrist, and 322 is the skull and bones satanic death number.

7/20/2012 (Aurora) to 12/14/2012 (Sandy Hook) is 147 days
7/20/2012 (Aurora) to 6/7/2013 (Santa Monica) is 322 days

So we have had three mass shootings on dates related to the Batman movie. Aurora on the day the movie was released, Sandy Hook 147 days later and Santa Monica 322 days later, and all on a Friday and the day of a crescent moon.

Will this pattern continue? I am not sure, but if so, what is the next date in the pattern? The next date in the pattern is 11/1/13. November 1, 2013 is 147 days past the Santa Monica shooting and 322 days past the Sandy Hook shooting.

12/14/2012 (Sandy Hook) to 11/1/2013 is 322 daysX 6/7/2013 (Santa Monica) to 11/1/2013 is 147 days

It is also a Friday, the day of a crescent moon, and the day after Halloween—satan’s high sacrifice day. 11/01/13 is also day number 1101 of the 70th week; that is if the 70th Week started on 10/29/10 (See Chapter 12 of The Coming Epiphany.) Note: Let me remind you that in Hebrew time reckoning a day starts at sunset. Thus 11/1/13 starts at sunset on 10/31/13 (Halloween) and continues to sunset 11/1/13.

So if this is the next date in the pattern of bad events what might happen on 11/01/13? Maybe you should watch this clip from the Batman movie and think about that question.


Do you see the connection with the school boy singing the National Anthem and the number 322 in the clip? The school boy could be a reference to the date of the Sandy Hook shooting and the 322 could refer to 322 days past that date, which is 11/1/13. Also I would like to point out that the event in the clip involves underground explosions set off by evil forces at a sporting event.

Now let’s consider the infamous batman map. You are probably aware that the words Sandy Hook were written on the map near the words Strike Zone 1. Also notice that what looks like a sports arena is circled on the map, possibly indicating that an “event” may occur at a sports event.

Thus, if the Sandy Hook shooting was the Strike Zone 1 event, will the strike Zone 2 event occur at the 322 day interval—11/1/13—and if so where might it happen and what might it entail?

I think there are 3 possibilities; another mass shooting, an incident at a sports event, or a Strike Zone 2 event. I believe the most likely location for a Strike Zone 2 event is at Yellowstone. As you can see below, if you overlay the Batman map over a map of the United States, so that Batman map aligns with the southeast coast of the USA, and Strike Zone 1 aligns with the location of the Sandy Hook school as shown below, Strike Zone 2 aligns with Yellowstone.

Note: There are 3 other Strike Zones on the map:
Strike Zone 3: This strike zone shows Florida and South Georgia underwater.
Strike Zone 4: This zone is centered on the USA--Canadian border above Minnesota.
Strike Zone 5: This zone is centered over the Gulf of Mexico.
(If you want to see where the other 3 Strike zones align read this post The Revealing of the Batman Map Strike Zones.)

So if the map is aligned correctly that would imply that Strike Zone 2 would involve a Yellowstone event. Here are some other interesting pieces of pertinent data that may point to a Yellowstone/Batman movie/Strike Zone 2 connection.

At 1:29:44 into the Batman movie the underground bombs started going off. 1:29:44 = 1:2+9:44 = 1:11:44. The 1:11 is a backwards 11/1 and could be a reference to the day and month. Also the Yellowstone super volcano area is at 44 N 111 W. The football team playing the Gotham team was Rapid City. There are two Rapid City locations in the U.S. One in SD and one in MI, both are at 44 N. Rapid City SD is 322 NM away from the Island Park/Yellowstone caldera.

And yet another piece of data; Yellowstone is located at 322 degrees from Aurora, CO. And if you draw a line from Aurora CO to the Aurora building in Shanghai, featured in the Batman movie, the line goes through Yellowstone

Yellowstone has also been in the news lately just last month it experienced 3 earthquake swarms, which was a first in at least 53 years. There has also been a recent barrage of a repeat news story, originally released several years ago, that Yellowstone is roaring to life. I have seen this story many times over the last few weeks at different locations.

I asked myself the question why are they repeating this couple year old story? Keep that thought in mind and let’s consider the next piece of data. Did you know that some think Yellowstone is high on the terrorist list as a place to set off one of their nukes.

"Dr Joseph Zimmerman, head of the Washington DC-based US Counter-Terrorism Group, aassesses terrorists have nuking Yellowstone in mind. Said Dr Zimmerman (2004) that terrorists could use natural disasters as “terrorist weapons”. In his view the “black wind of death” described by Al Qaeda in a claim of responsibility released after the Madrid bombings (2004) refers to the eruption of the “super volcano” at Yellowstone.

Dr Zimmerman then went into how terrorists might cause a super-eruption at Yellowstone. “As I pointed out in a recently published document (2003) terrorists could easily infiltrate the park with a nuclear device enclosed in a sealed drum.” Dr Zimmerman also indicated a good location: underneath Lake Yellowstone. The explosion “would rupture the magma chamber underneath Yellowstone”, so “the entire Yellowstone area would first implode and then explode in a massive eruption”. The terrorist aim being, according to the counter terrorism chief, that it “would kill millions of Americans and destroy the agricultural capacity of the United States”.

It is also a place that some believe will be a prime location for a scalar warfare attack.

Further, there is the case of the missing nukes and Top Nuke Generals Fired
Finally, the government shutdown… planned? With all national parks closed during the shutdown, including Yellowstone Park, it is very easy to infiltrate the Park and to hide a nuclear device underneath Lake Yellowstone or other place inside the Park.

Could it be possible that a Yellowstone event is planned for the near future by sinister forces and they want to precondition people to think it will be a natural event?

So what can we deduce from all this information? What will happen on 11/1/13; will it be another mass shooting, will it be a major “incident” at a sports stadium, will it involve Strike Zone 2 and if so will it involve Yellowstone, or if they have something planned will they call it off or change the date because it has been exposed, or is there nothing planned for that day?

So let me be clear; I am not making any predictions, just passing onto you the data that I have seen at this time.Via and special thanks to William Frederick, M. Div. Endtimesforecaster 


  1. 44n1 (9) 11 double you. Seriously, the sandy hook on th bat man mapshould a raised some questions

  2. "Terrorists"??? I find it incredibly unlikely that a random individual or group of humans is dreaming up ideas this advanced and destructive... Terrorist?
    All this talk of "false flag" invasion and advancing the idea that any kind of future event of such magnitude is solely the work of the elite is suspect. Like it or not, there is an invasion underway (for lack of a better term) Maybe they are trying to confuse the public and make any idea of an actual invasion of our world seem foolish. All this is more accurately labeled under eugenics, and population reduction- by the powers that be... human, and others.

  3. very interesting. There is always more then what the eye can see.

  4. well no comet today but there was a shooting...


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