UFO Shoots Laser Beam Towards Dark Object Next To The Sun - Sept 28, 2013

UFO shoots laser beam towards dark object next to the sun.

Second UFO is positioned in the background.

SOHO LASCO C2 2013/09/28

Time: 13.25
UFO 1 shoots laser beam
UFO 2 is positioned in the background

Time: 15.48
UFO 1 is disappeared
UFO 2 has changed its position



  1. Type in " strange explosion in the sky" in you tube and you will notice that it looks like we are or living under a war or we being protected from deadly space objects. What do you think?

  2. The reason for me saying this is that about a month ago I heard a few detonations in the sky before seeing a huge flash that lasted a few seconds ( could not be lightning) . I thought something had blown like a gas pipe but nothing was mentioned anywhere on any news.
    this happened in Brussels (Belgium)


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