Winged Reptile Like Creature Filmed Over Bustamante Park, Santiago, Chile - Oct 9, 2013

Bat-like wings, a beak full of razor sharp teeth, tearing claws, a long tail with a flanged end, is this flying reptile a figment of the imagination? Or does it provide living proof that pre-historic creatures still exist today.

On 29 September around 21:00 hours near Bustamante Park in the downtown area, a strange flying creature was seen flying from one tree to another. Its size was estimated at around 2 meters tall and shaped like a manta ray.

Ignacio, a young man who was the privileged witness to this brief yet disconcerting flying being sighting, does not wish to disclose his identity but made his narrative available to journalist [Juan Andrés] Salfate on Canal La Red. His description is specific, remarking that the entity had wings from the upper part of its body down to its lower part. Read more Here

And not only Chile has its flying creature, Papua New Guinea also has a flying reptile, named the Ropen (Demon-flyer).

The Myth: The Ropen has terrified the people of Papua New Guinea for thousands of years, a monster of the skies that swoops down on its unsuspecting prey, often at night, and carries them off to its lair.

The Ropen or Dimorphodon Pherosaur, a flying reptile which is supposed to have died out 65 million years ago with the rest of the dinosaurs, but according to American-based researcher Terrence Aym: "two distinct flying pre-historic animals exist."

Below two videos of Chile's flying creature:



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