Cloaked UFO captured above Caloundra, South East Australia?- Nov 25, 2013

Is a strange black dot surrounded by a green haze photographed above Caloundra evidence that we're not alone?

For 22-year-old Andrew Batham, the image captured on his mobile phone at 5.30am last Friday is all the proof he needs.

"I was messing around with the camera settings, left it in negative mode and photographed the sun just above the clouds," he said.

He was surprised to see an eerie shape above the sun when looking back at his photos, and is certain it's a UFO.

"The black dot in the middle is part of the craft, while the colored shape around it is an invisibility cloak," he suggested.

Mr Batham was quick to dismiss suggestions the unusual image captured on his phone could have been a trick of the light caused by photographing into the sun. Read more

But is it a UFO? Is it possible that this black dot is something else?



  1. My God: To make the leap that a black dot from a cellphone photo is a craft and some coloring around it is an attribute of its cloaking device is just absurd! There's no chance that this an anomaly from pointing a cheap cellphone camera lens into the sun? "I think the only other possible explanation is a top secret military operation nobody knows about," he said. Or something more down to Earth perhaps sir? Oh well, the shooter is only 22 and is quick to assume the easiest (and in his mind, most fun & exotic) answer. If I did know better, I would've guessed that the person in question is Varrikan.

    1. I would agree, that there is not enough here to constitute a reasonable piece of evidence to any thing in the unusual.
      It could literally be any thing and any number of normal explainable things.

      Now, Whom is this Varrikan you speak of so fondly? And, Why do you drop names while not willing to post your Own? Most amusing.

      The one and only. ;)

    2. Varakienen (Or should I say " Varrikan").... I love reading your comments. I wouldn't mind knowing how anonymous would explain the photo. Of course there's a possibility of camera anomaly. But, apart from the stated explanations..... straight off my head I thought of natural ones too. Perhaps the camera caught an asteroid or comet entering the atmosphere..... the sun glare hiding it from the naked eye. I am not an astronomer, but is it possible that in a new moon phase that the camera may have also captured an image of the Moon? Besides, who says it was a "cheap" phone...... most of us here in the land down under have the latest I-phones or equivalent android version. Phone companies have some pretty good plans that make it affordable for most people...... even a young 22 year old!!!!!! LOL :) Cheers all

    3. Dear V,...some time ago you chided me for making a rather condescending comment in response to one of "anonymous" snide fear mongering posts. The conveyance was intentional....the intend was to demean and discredit. Be Well

    4. disregard.
      I have not been well for a month or 3.
      I have lost my center, my Grace, my Grok.
      I seek to regain it.
      Be well.

      ~ Varakienen.


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