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Comet Ison, R.I.P.? But Ison holding predicted path! – Nov 29, 2013

There’s a lot of confusion, after comet ISON flew through the sun's atmosphere on Nov. 28th.

We have been watching Comet ISON all day long and after perihelion, experts, amateur astronomers and those watching the comet all seem to be seeing different things. Some say ISON disintegrated, others says Ison is whole and intact and others wondering still, if ISON disintegrated where is the debris headed.


According to NASA the comet is believed to have broken up and evaporated.

These images from NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory and the ESA/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory show Comet ISON growing dim as it made the journey around the sun. The comet was not visible at all in NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

NASA's video:



According to Spaceweather: Comet ISON flew through the sun's atmosphere on Nov. 28th and the encounter did not go well for the icy comet. Just before perihelion (closest approach to the sun) the comet rapidly faded and appeared to disintegrate. This prompted reports of ISON's demise. However, a fraction of the comet might have survived.

Comet ISON seems to be falling apart as it approaches the sun. Indeed, researchers working with NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory said they saw nothing along the track that ISON was expected to follow through the sun's atmosphere. Nevertheless, something has emerged. Whether this is a small scorched fragment of Comet ISON's nucleus or perhaps a "headless comet"--a stream of debris marking the remains of the comet's disintegrated core--remains to be seen.


SOHO - LASCO C2: 2013/11/28 - 16.12

STEREO AHEAD COR2: 2013/11/28 - 20.09

STEREO AHEAD COR2: CLOSE UP - 2013/11/28 - 20.09

SOHO LASCO C3: 2013/11/29 - 00.07

SOHO LASCO C3: CLOSE UP 2013/11/29 - 00.07

SOHO LASCO C2: 2013/11/29 - 00.13
Comet Ison holding predicted path.


For example: Comet ISON 2013: Perihelion & Distance: LIVE Information.

The Live information shows us totally different speeds and distances from the sun at the exact same time. Why are they giving us two different sets of data?

Despite a fleet of satellites monitoring the comet, using high resolution cameras, NASA still don't know for sure what has happened to Comet ISON, I wonder what’s really going on.

Stay tuned for updates.


  1. I had been following this for the last week or so , the last few days it went from 188,000 mph to well over 300,000 mph in a matter of 24 hrs, of course once it got inside of mercury's orbit it was gaining speed (60,000 mph per minute) , as of this morning at 7:00 est it was cruising at well over 700,000 mph and reached over 800,000 somewhere around 7:30-8:00 est... I happen to be gone when it reached it's peak ,by the time I got back home 8:30-8:45 am est it was showing the comet decreasing speed (already under 700,000mph) but yet it had (according to it's time clock on the web site) over 4 hrs until it's perihelion, so either it actually peaked early and they didn't want to admit it or the site and clock was set up to estimate it's time/path... all I know is it still doesn't sound kosher and it either survived but is breaking apart and the debris is heading in our general direction or it is intact and maybe still heading in our direction... too many unknowns... I guess we will know within the next day or so

  2. You do realise that the first pic that you use to show that ISON is alive is a troll photoshop from 4chan?

  3. @anonymous,

    Thanks for the info, I did not realize. Meanwhile I have uploaded the correct first image.

    1. comet ison is alive soho image 2013/11/29 08:18 shows its very much alive and bright


    2013/11/29 08:30 Big and Bright

    soho site seems to be very slow or something had to reload a lot to get it to load

  5. So why would they lie about all this? Is it because it presents a real danger now?

  6. Remember what I said the other day regarding that UFO near the Sun? It was going to either A)Divert the comet or B) Destroy it

  7. NASA cover up yet again, at least that is something we can all agree on!

  8. So now apparently NASA say it likely survived lmao


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