Giant UFO Light Being 'Angel' Approaches The Sun - Nov 5, 2013

An image released by on November 5, shows what looks like what they call a light being or an entity what looks like an angel. The unidentified flying object apparently flying towards the sun.

Image data:
Date: 2013/11/05
Time: 14.19.56
Observatory: Stero-B
Instrument: Secchi 1
Detector: COR2

NASA is aware of these UFOs playing around the sun, but they will not talk about it.

The video below is a time lapse video recorded over several hours and shows the UFO / light being when it is moving towards the sun.



  1. I could be mistaken but it looks to me like "it" is flapping its "wings". (In quotes because we are not certain what it is!) Did anyone else notice that it looks like it is flapping its wings?
    Susan Lynn Rapp

  2. With all these giant ufos around the sun why isnt one major news network talking about it? This would be the story of the century.

    1. Because they are owned and operated and report only what the powers that be allow.

  3. As a eyewitness of UFOs I created a pg on FB. My video will be on local news. I'm wanting to bring all believers to my page. I got 1/4 of my real friends to like it. Please join me like north florida UFO hunters on FB. Keep ur eyes wide

  4. it looks like what nde-ers and dmt users describe as a light being. a head/shoulder kind of light-shadow of a humanoid, without lets or arms. u can see the light-being shape clearly. although this may just be speculation, i have no idea what that thing is. i also didnt think light beings were capable of manifesting their form in physical reality. perhaps its a local projection.


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