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Huge V Shaped UFO Around The Sun - Nov 23, 2013

An image released by NASA’s sun-watching Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO Lasco C3)on November 23, 2013 shows a massive V Shaped UFO around the Sun on November 23, 2013.

In recent months, there are many UFOs observed near the sun. Their presence has something to do with the increased solar activity and the approaching comet Ison?



  1. Maybe it's something we have out there waiting to destroy Comet ISON behind the sun so we can't see, maybe the government already know that Comet ISON is a danger heading our way when it slingshots back around the sun with a debris trail ready to impact on Earth on it's orbit. Either that or a unidentified object ready to help us out or change the path of ISON???

  2. I'm going to put myself on the line and say I 100% believe that this is some craft out there near the sun. How many times have we seen this object? Always with the same shape and features, I can't just be fluke!

  3. What boggles my mind even more (to some extent) than the possibility that this is an enormous craft is the fact that the surface temperature of the sun is 10,000 degrees F. The craft would have to withstand at least that much heat and be able to make it tolerable for whatever or whomever is presumably inside the craft!
    Susan Lynn Rapp

    1. Maybe there is no being inside the craft and is controlled from elsewhere from Earth or other planet..

    2. Yes, that is certainly a possibility, however the craft would still have to be designed to withstand approx. 10,000 degrees F, massive radiation, solar winds, etc. I'm not rejecting the idea, just wondering how incredibly technologically advanced "they" would have to be!!! : - )
      Susan Lynn Rapp

    3. Susan, surface temp is closer to 5.000F. However,at a million miles above in corona can exceed 8 million F! The technology to defeat this has been around for at least 120 years here for us thanks to Tesla. Relatively simple electrical distortion of space. The area inside the bubble not subject to gravity of local objects, inertia, or external temperature or radiation. The space in which these occur is outside of the bubble.

    4. Bingo A.
      Also, with the ability to regulate frequency of matter, One can raise the vibration of the field within the craft to the point that it only skirts the physical plane.
      All things physical, heat, radiation, etc, exist within a limited band of frequency and vibration.
      The more you change your vibration the further away you are from its laws and effects.

      You need to stop thinking in terms you have been taught by the general science community. They WANT to keep you in the dark.
      Its time to not only think out side the box, but realize, that the box is part of the illusion.


  4. Bingo V and A!

    People are easily swayed by science and what we are taught but they need to understand we understand very little. What they say is impossible probably isn't, there are means and ways. I'm bored of people telling me I talk utter science fiction, the point is it probably isn't! Just because we haven't been told about it doesn't mean it can't exist.

    Susan this isn't aimed at you, just others who have shot me down in flames lately, I see you are just trying to see things from a sensible, logical approach from what you have been taught.


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