ISON/Will History Repeat Itself?

Roughly 12,000 years ago, massive global cooling kicked in abruptly, along with the end of the line for some 35 different mammal species, including the mammoth, as well as the so-called Clovis culture of prehistoric North Americans.

What kind of event could cause abrupt climate change and a mass extinction?

Excerpt from Did a comet hit Earth 12,000 years ago?

Image: This 40 centimeter band of dark sediment uncovered at Murray Spring, Ariz., may indicate a cosmic impact or explosion that kicked off a period of global cooling and a mass extinction in North America. Credits: Courtesy of Doug Kennett

Nanodiamonds found in the sediments from this time period point to a massive explosion or explosions by a fragmentary comet. such nanodiamonds, which only occur in sediment exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures, such as those from an explosion or impact.

The discovery lends support to a theory first advanced last year in that some type of cosmic impact or impacts—a fragmented comet bursting in the atmosphere or raining down on the oceans—set off the more than 1,300-year cooling period in the Northern Hemisphere.

A series of cometary fragments exploding over North America might explain a layer of soil immediately prior to the cooling containing unusually high levels of iridium—an element more common in cosmic wanderers like meteoroids than in Earth's crust.

Paired with the fact that this layer occurs directly before the extinction of at least 35 genera of large mammals, including mammoths, it is strong circumstantial evidence for a cosmic event. Additional article: The Galactic Superwave 13,500 Years Ago

Will History Repeat Itself?

In our article The Ison debris Tail and Fema 3 Region we wrote: After some observation and trial and error, Mr. Cati and BPearthwatch were able to learn the geographic areas of the USA that will be aligned with the debris path from ISON which will be following behind it..

After Ison’s entire outer coma and tail stripped away by a burst of a X-flare on November 19th which, according to BPearthwatch, changed the time line of the comet, he made a new calculation based on the current situation of comet Ison.

Listen to BPearthwatch’s explanation in the video below.



  1. Maybe this is why there is this unknown craft near the sun waiting to deflect Comet ISON...


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