Mass Orange Orb Sighting in Chandler, Arizona (Raw video) - Nov 7, 2013

Witness: "We saw these Orbs at 8:45pm November 7, 2013 in Chandler, Az. At least 30 to 40 of them. There were several witnesses to this sighting."

Also a Military chopper approached after the sighting began from the south.

The orbs are located within the red circle, see image left.

As the Orbs are hard to see in the video, I recommend to view in full screen.

This phenomenon of unexplained and mysterious lights is being across America and other parts of the world now.



  1. no unusual movements or fast course changes, Imma go with Chinese lanterns with out more evidense.

  2. Early this year there was another UFO sighting reported in same city.

  3. There was the initial random grouping 12-15 light balls red orange in color, then more appears and continued random grouping some would hang together, others would be triangle spaced, while most seems to float across the Mesa Sky from west to east in different arrays and distances. When we first saw them there were like twenty, some were high others were low and went high... no distinct patterns. Every few minutes several more in doubles and triples and a few single lights. They seemed to float across the sky. There was some individual movement within the groupings but they all followed the West to East path across the sky. ( more or less the route of the 60... There was no noise. I didn't see nor hear any other aircraft, helicopters or anything else in the sky during the much of the time frame, approx twenty mins. About halfway thru Three helicopters Shot over to where they were and just hoovered and watched like us. They were not news nor military then as soon as the lights all faded they flew off in opposite direction from which they came. The "orbs" and those few Helicopters were RIGHT INFRONT of us.... No more than a mile.... I took as many pics as i could, some have strange things on them (shapes etc) when you look at them on a computer but in the digital camera play mode you do not see this other stuff.... As well as the lights, some you see easily and others you think the picture didnt take and bam there they are......... I can only find maybe 5 people online even talking about it??? I dont get it. IT NOT SPACE JUNK no way...This was on Nov 08 2013, Mesa AZ..... At approx 9:12 to 940 pm by the way


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