Mysterious box found with strange drawings of UFOs, Aliens and Winged Beings

A box ‘the Box of Crazy’ found by the trash contains strange drawings. The box measures roughly 29" by 38".

Clearly something happened to the former owner of the box, Daniel J. Christainsen from the Netherlands, but who lived in Florida, that was very memorable as almost all the drawings of UFOs, aliens and winged beings including transcripts are very detailed and large.

Below some of the strange drawings. The complete set of 102 images: Here

The drawings remain a mystery!
Complete set of 102 images at


  1. I know what it is It's plans Plans for humanity it's a way to get off this god forsaken world!

  2. The map of New Zealand with the circle marked off the coast of the North Island is white island, a volcano that sits mostly under the ocean. I wonder if that is what the dots on the other maps pin point.

  3. wow! that is one crazy box of pictures!...i dont get it, why is this news? it looks like a poor attempt at a science fiction novel, and im sure it was put in the trash for a reason,and you should probably just put it back where you found it.

    1. This needs to be everywhere. The truth can no longer hidden. Namaste

  4. Aren't those just drawings of an interpretation of the Book of Ezekial? The wheel within a wheel?

  5. Son representaciones en dibujos de la visiĆ³n de Ezequiel en la Biblia, de las escrituras hebreas

  6. You found my teenage nephew's drawing notebook. Can you send it back to him?

  7. At least some of them are dated late ´60. And person who drew them was from netherlands. In my (psychedelic) experience, that something what happened was LSD, DMT etc. psychedelic compound. :D
    I have drew very much like pictures and so have many else. If U just google psychedelic art, u will find art with lot of similarities..


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