Sphere Sculptures across the Globe refer to Mysterious Spheres in the Sky?

What is going on with the mysterious spheres, seen in the sky across the Globe. Every day there are new reports about this mysterious light and nobody has an explanation for this strange phenomenon.

In addition, it seems like there is also a sphere within a sphere like the mysterious sphere sculptures across the Globe.

The last years, these Sphere Sculptures have been popping up all across the world without any media coverage or any type of information about them. There is any hidden message, or meaning that could reveal this sphere sculptures. There are many different types of cracks within these sculptures and each one has its own meaning.

And if you look closely at these sculptures, it looks if a new world is emerging from an “old world”, or a new planet breaking through the Earth’s surface.

You might wonder whether these sphere sculptures (sign?) and mysterious lights (Are they using hologram techniques to project these lights in the atmosphere?) are part of the alien agenda (Fake alien invasion) of TPTB. A world with complete control, one global religion, common laws, and a one world government! Read more.. 

Also we wonder whether Comet Ison is a distraction for the arrival of these unexplained lights or Ison is part of the agenda. I know it sounds crazy, but reading the latest reports from experienced comet observers on Ison, this comet is acting strangely and looking different than every other comet and Ison is responding to the sun more like a solid body would respond, rather than as a typical "fluffy" comet.

Finally, maybe these strange lights and the strange activity of Ison has nothing to do with the NWO agenda and the sphere sculptures originally created for the Vatican Church are a sign (A solid body 'alien craft' inside a body 'Ison'), of the arrival of an extraterrestrial race. The mysterious lights are alien probes, acting as harbingers for the arrival of an extraterrestrial spacecraft (Alien craft/Ison)?


  1. The spheres are made by Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. They are called Sfera con Sfera or "Sphere Within Sphere".


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