UFO Sightings Reports-MUFON (video) - Nov 7-14, 2013

This is a summary from sightings reported to the MUFON website for the week of November 7th through the 14th, 2013.

CASE 52114: This sighting took place on Friday, November 1st, but was not reported to the MUFON website until November 8th. Witnesses driving from Marana to Picture Rocks, Arizona captured video of an unknown object flying nearby. The witnesses reported that the object changed from a triangle shape into a boomerang. The color was bright and then dimmed as the object started to move. Vertical and horizontal maneuvers were observed as the object flew at a speed slower than that of an airplane or helicopter. The red and white lights are visible in the video and the witness also reported the object moving erratically.

CASE 52193: On November 7th in Dearborn Michigan, a witness and companions noticed a set of lights very low in the sky near the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Schaefer Road. As the object got higher they were able to capture the photographs before it quickly moved to the southwest. The witness reported that the lights appeared unusual, as they were not similar to any of other lights surrounding the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. The object was described as fairly large and possibly comprised of 4 smaller objects.

CASE 52118: In Elgin, Illinois another reported sighting took place on November 8th as the witness was waiting for a sibling after school. As the sun was starting to set, bright colored lights were seen behind clouds to the northwest. Bright red, green, yellow and blue lights appear in the photo. The object did not move, it vanished and left a hole in cloud. A helicopter and airplane were seen flying in the vicinity shortly there after. (CASE 52118).

Also on November 8th in Mesa, Arizona around 9:25pm multiple illuminated objects were observed. The witness reported some of the lights making random movements but all of the lights moving in the general direction of north to southeast. The witness observed the objects for about 10 minutes before losing sight.

CASE 52209: At an undisclosed location in California at 3:44pm on November 11th a witness observed a white, orb shaped object in the sky. The object was observed near the moon and appeared to move away from the moon into a 7 o'clock position. The witness was able to capture 2 minutes and 10 seconds of video before the object was no longer visible. The video camera used was a Sony NX30 with resolution set to 1920 x 1080.



  1. There was the initial random grouping 12-15 light balls red orange in color, then more appears and continued random grouping some would hang together, others would be triangle spaced, while most seems to float across the Mesa Sky from west to east in different arrays and distances. When we first saw them there were like twenty, some were high others were low and went high... no distinct patterns. Every few minutes several more in doubles and triples and a few single lights. They seemed to float across the sky. There was some individual movement within the groupings but they all followed the West to East path across the sky. ( more or less the route of the 60... There was no noise. I didn't see nor hear any other aircraft, helicopters or anything else in the sky during the much of the time frame, approx twenty mins. About halfway thru Three helicopters Shot over to where they were and just hoovered and watched like us. They were not news nor military then as soon as the lights all faded they flew off in opposite direction from which they came. The "orbs" and those few Helicopters were RIGHT INFRONT of us.... No more than a mile.... I took as many pics as i could, some have strange things on them (shapes etc) when you look at them on a computer but in the digital camera play mode you do not see this other stuff.... As well as the lights, some you see easily and others you think the picture didnt take and bam there they are......... I can only find maybe 5 people online even talking about it??? I dont get it. IT NOT SPACE JUNK no way...

  2. This was on Nov 08 2013, Mesa AZ..... At approx 9:12 to 940 pm by the way


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