HAARP Targets San Onofre Power Plant Enpowered by Mt Hermon and Astana - Dec 23, 2013

The video below shows an interesting analyze on direct alignments between the HAARP Arrays in Australia, Peru and Ascension Island to San Onofre in California also connecting alignments to Mt Hermon and Astana ..

And do you know about the unknown Island with TTA’s like Ascension Island.

Here's the location of the unknown island. - 20°29'47.69"S 29°18'49.80"W

If you take a closer look you will see that there is a large complex built at the foot of the mountain.

Why is there such a complex built on a remote island? Is it a Haarp facility?

The video shows images of antennas (cubes). Remarkable, similar cubes can be found in Google space. Is it possible these ‘space cubes’ are antennas and connected with Haarp facilities?


Currently, our regular reader Aaron is working on a project related to these ‘space cubes’ and other unexplained objects found in Google space.

We will inform you soon on this project.



  1. This really gets you thinking! Look at how everything lines up so perfectly, the perfect grid! Coincidence? I don't think so.....

  2. Bravo, but,.... No to the back ground music.


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