Heracleion the ancient city that sank due to earthquakes and floods

Heracleion was an ancient Egyptian city near Alexandria whose ruins are located in Abu Qir Bay, currently 2.5 km off the coast. Its legendary beginnings go back to as early as the 12th century BC, and it is mentioned by ancient Greek historians.

Its importance grew especially during the waning days of the Pharaohs--the late period, when it was Egypt's main port.

Heracleion was originally built on some adjoining islands in the Nile Delta, and was intersected by canals. It possessed a number of anchorages.

Heracleion flourished especially from the 6th to the 4th century BC The city sank in the 6th or 7th century A.D., probably due to major earthquakes and floods.

For centuries, Heracleion was believed to be a legend, much like the fabled city of Atlantis.

But in 2000, underwater archaeologist Dr Franck Goddio was searching the Egyptian coastline for French warships from the 18th century battle of the Nile, but instead stumbled across the treasures of the lost city.

After removing layers of sand and mud, divers discovered evidence of extraordinary wealth, painting a picture of what life was like in Heracleion, believed to have been at the centre of Mediterranean trade more than 1,000 years ago. More amazing images Here


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