Metallic UFO Orb hovering over San Antonio, Texas - Dec 1, 2013

A metallic UFO, Orb was captured hovering as clouds pass over in San Antonio,Texas.

Witness report: This day was really cloudy,did not expect to have a U.F.O Sighting. As I was walking to the garage, I notice this bright glowing light by the clouds.

It appear to be hovering,motionless, so i grabbed my camcorder/tripod for a closer observation. When zooming in a Metallic Orb can be observed to be hovering. It appear to reflect the suns rays with a shadow underneath.

At one point cloud cover became really thick but the UFO, orb could still be observed as heavy clouds pass over it.


  1. If the camera is facing southwest, it is most likely the planet Venus

    1. Did Venus crash onto earth on December 2, 2013 at 10:04pm? I saw a bright green shooting light heading straight down over San Antonio as I was traveling South on Jones Maltsberger Rd (at E. Ramsey) just passing under Hwy 281 [indeed SW-ward of San Antonio from my position]. That was the day after Mario shot this video. Any more explanation to this?


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