Meteor fireball western Montana - Possible remnants of ISON found by amateur astronomer - Dec 31, 2013

Chystene Garagliano from Stevensville captured a huge fireball at around 9:30 a.m. on Friday.

The massive fireball that came down over Montana on Friday morning, straight down and is explained by Nicholas Wethington from the Western Montana Astronomical Society:

"The most interesting about the ones you showed me was that the trajectory of the meteor was pretty much straight down," Wethington said. "I'm somewhat doubtful it's part of the Geminids and a falling satellite might have looked different," he noted. And he thinks these pictures (Video) look more like a dense rock, or in other words space debris.

Latest news on Comet Ison

December 29: Possible remnants of Ison found by amateur astronomer Hiro.

Image of possible remnants of Ison.
Full image Here

Hiro: "I tried imaging of the ephemeris of C/2012 S1 ISON at 11,000 feet above sea level. There looked to be some faint and vast elongated object near the direction on the frame showing some amount of IFN, integrated flux nebulae, though I can not confirm it the remnant of the comet. The object was faint as IFN."

"I will image the ephemeris area again in the coming days, and I may be able to confirm it, if it moved as expected. The object looked vast and faint, and telephoto lens of focal length 150mm - 300mm may be suitable for imaging."

This is a remarkable discovery as NASA’s Hubble telescope failed to detect the remnants of Ison. Meanwhile NASA tweeted Hiro’s discovery as possible confirmation of comet Ison’s remnants.

With increasing frequency, meteors and fireballs are coming down over Earth, specifically a high number of them over the US.

In our article The Ison debris tail and Fema 3 region we wrote that USA is one of the areas that will be aligned with the debris path from Ison.

Now, with the possible discovery of comet Ison’s remnants it is quite possible that these meteors and fireballs are chunks of comet Ison. Earth pass through Ison debris tail until middle to end January, 2014.



  1. We're closing in on Ison's debris trail !!! tick...tick...tick... We may witness an epic meteor shower. Sorry for using the hackneyed word "epic", but this is one time that it is appropriate. :-)


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