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Mystery Dyatlov Pass Incident Solved?

Probably the most creepy place in Russia is called the Dyatlov Pass, or more ominously “the Mountain of the Dead.” The pass lies in northern Ural Mountains where the Sverdlovsk region borders on the Russian republic of Komi and is associated with unaccountable deaths.

The tragedy that happened to Igor Dyatlov’s expedition back in February 1959 is still fresh in people’s minds. As darkness fell, the group of nine alpine climbers set up a camp on the mount’s slop – and perished the same night. Investigators said the half-naked hikers cut open the tent from the inside and fled in fear for the village.

Most of them died from cold, although three of the dead had fractured ribs and smashed sculls, while one of the women had her tongue ripped out. All bodies had no signs of struggle or bruises, their skin had a very weird purplish tint to it, the hair was grey and the faces were masks of horror.

Experts also discovered that the bodies had an extreme radiation level, ten times higher than normal.

An investigation by a Soviet government inspector was also fruitless, and was quietly dropped after concluding nobody was to blame. Lev Ivanov, the inspector, concluded only that all nine deaths had been caused by what he described as ‘an unknown elemental force which they were unable to overcome.’ The investigation soon ceased.

Mystery solved?

Dead of the nine hikers caused by panic-inducing Infrasound - Soundwaves?

The mysterious case of the nine experienced skiers who died in bizarre circumstances may have been solved by an America researcher.

Donnie Eichar, a film-maker and author, spent four years investigating the so-called Dyatlov Pass incident, and has now claimed that he has discovered a 'scientific' explanation for this mysterious case.

While Eichar prefers to save the details for those who read the book "Dead Mountain: The untold story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident", suffice to say that his theory involves a particular type of repetitive wind event.

In a recent interview with Failure magazine, Mr Eichar hinted at his conclusion, saying: 'The conclusion that I have come up with could only have happened with the help of modern science and the help of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.'

Jason Zasky, who interviewed Mr Eichar, also wrote that Mr Eichar's theory of a particular type of repetitive wind event (one that could be produced by the topography of Dead Mountain), might have triggered a panic-inducing infrasound.

The 'infrasound' theory to which the interviewer refers is a bizarre - but apparently plausible - explanation which argues that sound waves too low to hear could have subtly affected the minds of the skiers, panicking them and causing them to rush recklessly out into the snow, where the cold killed them.

Studied have suggested that infrasound - soundwaves too low for humans to hear - can nonetheless produce feelings of unease, awe or even terror which cannot be explained any other way. Infrasound waves covering sounds beneath 20 Hz down to 0.001 Hz. and it eminates from many natural and man-made sources.

Note: Despite the theory of Mr Eichar, panic-inducing Infrasound is the possible cause of the death of the 9 hikers, it does not explain  that the bodies had an extreme radiation level, tongue ripped out, fractured ribs and smashed sculls, burnt spots on the bodies, grey hair and eyes were removed. Given the nature of the injuries, it seems impossible that an infrasound wave is the direct cause of the death of these people.

The Hikers and Hikers Photo Gallery (Photos from Dyatlov hikers recovered camera 1959.)



  1. Not a very convincing headline. Why not, "Expedition all frightened to death by the wind"? Sounds even more ridiculous doesn't it.

  2. Repetitive Wind Event? LMAO File that theory under junk, I mean MSM (Mainstream Science)...

  3. Not for a second, do I buy this.
    Now, I havnt read about these events in some years but, wasnt there a thing where some of the bodies were mysteriously burned or cooked or some such?

    1. High dosages of radioactive contamination, fractured skulls, broken ribs and one woman had her tongue cut out.

    2. right. which makes this article Moot.
      Any thing Not explaining Those things, and purposefully leaving them out is trying to dissinfo and cover up.

  4. This one reminds me of some Bigfoot story from some "educated person" telling people it's only a guy in a costume! The author might as well have said he was part of the hiking team and was there to see the whole thing! I expect the next story from the author to explain how the governments of the world are loveable and cuddly!

  5. If they were terrified by the sound, maybe they attacked each other, possibly fear inducing allucinations that made their fellow hikers (or anything moving at the moment) to be seen as a threat...

    1. C.R.V controlled remote viewing, is a learned ability to see anything at anytime. It's outside of time and space. It's also non locality. It's used to see events in the past &also the futures. It's used to see the truth of events in our past. With extreme accuracy when the best of the best get together and view targets. E.g. The construction of the great pyramids of Giza, the alleged crucifixion, Mars, off planet technology and other types of intelligent life forms that existed and existing on earth. Life after death,other dimensions and even the existence of what we call angels. The truth of that night and what happen to the 9 skilled hikers is out in the matrix. It just needs to be viewed by the right people.

    2. Perhaps the hikers were attacked by an interdimensional being that we havent yet discovered. To suggest sound waves as the the root cause for grey hair, a ripped out tongue and the like is ludicrous.

  6. in fact the description is a typical example of a close encounter with a UFO, about 5-10m from them,it would create a low audible humming sound,..the tongue being ripped out,is more like the tongue swelling up below 0 deg,Celsius,that happens when you inhale freezing air,..then the jaw clamps down with the exposed tongue,and it would be severed,that fits into the most logical medical reasoning,UFO spacecraft emit high volumes of radiation,around them,that radiation is commonly found when they hover ,because of a similiar electrical magnetic discharge,,it creates a radiation field,that is the logical reasoning about what is assumed happened here

  7. The area in question was considered a "No Go zone" because of "UFO Activity" that had been observed,in the region,and the real objectives of the expedition was to investigate that very claims made..that there was UFO Activity..the medical reports suggest encountered a "UFO Extra Terrestrial Beings" that would be very plausible based on similar reports,on mutilations found in humans,animals,where UFO Activities have been observed..


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