The reality of alien implants in the human body

For years the general public has been tantalised by stories of UFO sightings and even, in a few cases, actual alien encounters. Proof of the claims, however, has been disappointingly elusive. More often than not, it simply comes down to taking a person's word for it. In a few instances, photographs have been taken, but, inevitably, questions always arise about their authenticity.

Reports from people who claim alien abductions first became widespread in the 60s and 70s. Often, the supposed abductees would describe experimental procedures that the aliens had allegedly performed on them. Sometimes, they would even insist that the aliens had inserted something inside them. Soon, these "alien implants" had become a staple of UFO lore.

Experience has shown that, usually, the objects that are supposedly alien implants are metallic. Some emit radio frequency waves. Many are attached to nerve endings within the body.

Image: Alien Implants

If the "alien implants" really do represent alien technology then, what is their purpose? The most sinister suggestion is that they are some kind of mind control device.

Perhaps they are just monitoring devices which send back reports to UFOs and the aliens on the victim’s location and condition? Stories of repeat alien abductions, even lifelong abductions, are very common. This suggests that the aliens are interested in monitoring specific individuals.

The idea of aliens implanting devices inside our bodies is deeply frightening. We can only hope that, if these alien implants really are of extra-terrestrial origin, they can one day offer clues about who or what their creators are, and what their intentions might be.

Dr. Roger K. Leir is one of the world's most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of Ufology. In the video below, he will reveal scientific proof that we are not alone and presents the existence of alien implants. More information about Alien Implants at

Many people believe that these alien implants are of extraterrestrial origin, but suppose that abducted persons with alien implants are part of a project of a secret organization.

The so –called alien implants are not extraterrestrial but man-made and implanted by scientists/doctors who working for such an organization.

Abducted and brainwashed people with man-made implants, who unknowingly have functioned as subjects for the final RFID chip.



  1. The plot thickens.....

  2. Indeed it does...I wonder what the estimated figure of abducted people is. I once heard like 11 million from the US alone, sounds like a crazy figure to me!


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