Unknown Fast Moving Satellite Crossing The Sun on Dec 1, 2013

Following its Thanksgiving Day brush with solar fire, sundiving Comet ISON is now just a cloud of dust and chunks Among experts, a consensus is building that the comet broke apart shortly before perihelion.

Three days later, on December 1, 2013, Richard Schmidt - Burleith Observatory In Washington, Dc. captured an unknown fast moving Satellite crossing the Sun.

We wonder if this satellite is a (secret) man made or extraterrestrial craft and and is it possible that this satellite is responsible for the disintegration of the comet?


While imaging sunspots we observed a fast-moving satellite with a long boom arm crossing the field of view. This sequence spans 36 milliseconds of real time. The object was moving East at 1 degree per second. Lunt LS100 solar telescope.

Below the gif-image taken by Richard Schmidt on December 1, 2013 @ Burleith Observatory, Washington, DC. spaceweather Credits: Richard Schmidt.


  1. ISON is alive, and ISON is not a comet, It is a Pleiadian, Mother Ship sent by prime Creator, I call it the Seed of New Life on Earth.

  2. it looks like an antenna attached with a ball at the top.
    Susan Lynn Rapp

  3. Any estimate about the Size of the object?

    --- Massif1001

    1. Well, I did a little research (on the Web of course) and found out that the AVERAGE
      size of Sunspots on the Sun are as BIG as planet EARTH! Therefore, given the fact that
      the "thing" is larger in diameter than the Sun spots to the left of the "thing" I think we must
      estimate that the "thing" is at least as big as planet Earth and the "antenna" would be ginormous
      as well.
      Susan Lynn Rapp

  4. Actually looks like a possible Space Craft with the Power Propulsion portion separated from the Crew, Controls. Bridge area by a structural bridging. If this can be seen from the Camera distance the bridging could be life support section (Gardening, atmosphere production, crew quarters, maintenance, EV
    May need separation due to nature of propulsion. (kind of let the imagination run a little bit)

  5. Its not an antenna.. its a ray to the surface of the sun

  6. Can't it be a satellite near Earth's orbit ?! :-)


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