Weird Light and UFO phenomenon over Neumayer Station, Antarctica – Dec 30, 2013

On December 28 and December 29 strange phenomena appear in the sky over Neumayer Station in Antarctica.

December 28, 2013:
A weird light appears in the clouds over the Neumayer station, Antarctica. We wonder, could It be a natural phenomenon caused by the sun behind the clouds or it is more mysterious.

Weird Light

December 29, 2013:
Again strange phenomena in the sky above the station.

03.50 UTC: Delta shaped craft / Triangle UFO visible in the cloud formation.

04.10 UTC: UFO / Flying Saucer visible in the cloud formation.

Delta Shaped Craft 

Flying Saucer

Again we wonder, are these objects just clouds and part of the cloud formation or the Neumayer cam captured two UFOs?

Suppose these ‘clouds’ are Unidentified Flying Objects, are they man-made and part of a secret project or extraterrestrial?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this phenomenon.

Webcams at Neumayer Station:


  1. Dear Editor, I do love your website and checked it out everyday even if once I have criticized you, comparing you to the missed thethruthbehindthescenes, which you must be part of it obviously !

    Now for what concerns Neumayer station and its continuos unexplainable phenomena, well then you treat the subject, the matter to lightly I think while you should know better as we’re dealing with something that goes beyond any explanation, I check it out everyday, 365 times a year and each day something unbelievable happens, each single day while we sleep, while we eat, while we shit at Neumayer station things becomes paranormal, incredible and unreal.
    I myself made a couple of videos about this phenomena and posted them on youtube to awake awareness about Neumayer the strangest place on earth, so I wouldn’t talk about just the latest 29 strange phonemenas but rather make a whole section dedicated for it. Hope you did not fall asleep while reading it, thank you for existing anyway.


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