Buildings and Minarets built atop the ancient burial mound on Mars 2014

There has been much written about an ancient structure on Mars known as the Kofun mound, similar to a Kofun ‘ancient grave’ tomb in Japan.

Due to the same structure, it is said the structure on Mars is an ancient grave too.

Is it possible, the mound on Mars has been used by ancient civilizations?

Let’s take a closer look.

If you look at the Google Earth/Mars image, it shows the normal Kofun mound structure as we know.

But if you look at the original NASA photo it shows something completely different.

It shows us, artificial structures, buildings, minarets or antenna, hangars…

Coordinates on Google Earth/Mars:

Kofun Japan: 36° 7'40.98"N 139°28'52.17"E
Kofun Mars: 6° 4'29.11"N 92° 4'31.56"E

Link NASA photos