Chemtrails gone wild, Sun Rays completely blocked!

Chemtrails: ‘Weather Modification’ - Chemtrails: ‘Depopulation’!

It not only remain in the sky but expand and eventually form clouds and block sun rays, turning bright sunshine into hazy conditions for the entire area.

Image: Effect of full days spray.

Chemtrails – A geoengineering project in which planes pump barium, aluminium, polymer fibres, sulfur dioxide and other biological agents into the sky.

It could have unpredictable, disastrous consequences for the Earth’s weather systems and food supplies and damage to the ozone layer, disrupt rainfall and contaminate food supplies and sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions cause health problems and early death.

Links to several scientific studies about the danger of Chemtrails: Here and Here

The video below shows the effect of full days spray.



  1. yup look at all the mental weather occurring of late! UK is being battered at the moment by worst storm in 250years with relentless rainfall and winds with a low pressure system not moving. Artificial?


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