Crop Circle Salinas reveals comet ISON was spacecraft and Alien event on July 8, 2014 - Entire crop circle decoded – Jan 6, 2014

On December 31, 2013 we reported on the amazing crop circle Salinas in California. Our second article '192' the hidden message in crop circle Salinas   focuses on the inner circle with the coded message 192, written in Braille. But this 192 code is only a part of the entire message

Below an excerpt of: Entire Crop Circle Decoded.

Now, the entire crop circle contains three coded messages according to renowned crop circle researcher, Dr Horace Drew. According to Dr Drew, a retired molecular biologist who worked at Caltech and Australia’s CSIRO.

One of the coded messages was to be vigilant about an upcoming astronomical event. The next message referred to a date in the near future when an astronomical event is to occur by July 8, 2014. The third message was that comet ISON was a space transportation system under intelligent extraterrestrial control with a specific mission for the inner solar system and Earth.

The first message, the Braille code was quickly interpreted as a series of numbers and letter: 192-192-2-192-1-192-192 and can be translated as: “The blind will see, and those who seek will find.”

The second message is an outer code featuring three tall poles accompanied by numbers using Morse code. The message was 3-space-3-space-1 and referring to an event timed to occur in the near future: “we should go around the “polar clock” by three full turns until some “event time” is reached.”

The date referred to by the number 192 in the main coded message is July 8, 2014, which is 192 days from December 28. Significantly, the alignment of planets on July 8, matches the crop circle configuration of celestial bodies.

The third message is an inner code again using Morse code. This message refers to comet ISON.

Dr. Drew translated the code as: E-T B I-S-O-N S-T-S. 

ET – B(e) - (extra-terrestrials exist)
ISON – (comet)
STS – (Space Transportation System)

The three planets seems to marked hourly times: 1-2-9 along the face of a polar clock. The overall imagery used at the crop circle was that of a “polar clock.” This “polar clock” shows a “bright, long-tailed comet” as the predicted astronomical event and might be to suggest that some important astronomical event (e.g. a “bright comet”) will first be seen at 12 midnight in Earth’s sky, at some particular place (London?) and on some particular date.

One part of the Morse code (“E-T B”) also shows a fair resemblance to a five-body alignment of four planets and the Sun in early January of 2014, including as a sixth body, any remnants of comet Ison along its last known orbital path.

Thus we can see Mercury, the Sun, Venus, Earth, any remnants of comet Ison (ISON = STS), and Jupiter all aligned in a heliocentric perspective over the early part of January 2014.

So could the Salinas crop circle refer to an upcoming extraterrestrial event connected to the remnants of Comet ISON, which was no comet at all?

We will have to wait and see in the months ahead, and the possible July 8 date, whether an astronomical event occurs that settles once and for all the true nature of comet ISON and whether an extraterrestrial intelligence was behind it. Read more at examiner

Update: Jan 7, 2014

Crop-Circle Mystery Solved!

It turns out the crop circle was a publicity stunt from Nvidia Corp. Nvidia hired a team of crop circle artists and the last weekend of 2013, they set out to create the crop circle in Chualar to promote their newest processor, the Tegra K, a new mobile GPU with a whopping 192 cores.

You could call these stunts signs of an indulgent tech bubble, but as gadgets and apps gain more and more mainstream appeal, there’s big money to be made in owning a moment with some theatrics, but on the other hand, stunts like this one, brings the global crop circle community into disrepute.



  1. The Code "192"is referring to Celestial objects Co-Ordinates In Our Solar Neighbourhood,meaning the "Braille Dots"are not braille they refer to planets positions,the "Large Circle=sun"-the smaller circle is"earth",now the "circle-adjacent to the "Large Circle=Sun"-is referring to another planet which is already "Following the sun"in it current Orbit,meaning although,there are many theories of"Nihibru\Planetx"-the current position based on orbital prediction pattern modelling,puts "Nihibru"behind the sun,going 3 times around this "Coded message means only 1 "answer"a "massive Solar Storm Eruption"-the only planet in this "coded ET Message"is "nihibru\Planetx"its a "mini Solar System",the 192 is a "matrix Grid Of Planets"-in our "solar Sytem"(Possibility Referring To A Planetary Alignment with The Sun")-(its been the notion of "remote Viewers"that "comet Ison Is a "sun Grazer Comet?"--3times around this "coded Message-The Blind Shall see"-means this"the Comet In The "crop Circle will be "visible"from "Earth"-its on a "collision Course with The Sun"-This comet is not "ison"-this whats not been made public-for reasons unknown,"The Comet Like Pattern"is referring to a "Large Celestial Object"-its course,determined by the "gravatational effect of the planets within the "192"matrix"--nihibru will therefore come out behind the sun"-which turn "effects everyting in the 192 Planetary matrix"(this coded message is a warning to earth that December 30th-onwards"2014"-is an "Security alert Of Global Importance"(to hire a security firm to guard this particular crop circle means only 1 thing,what I see as a "Solar Storm Event"-we can see this Celestial Object because of the "Sun"this object is coming from behind the sun,its course deciphered puts "its a "planetary alignment 192 matrix"-The Blind shall see"its telling us-that the celestial object will be visible from earth"-(the Bright star on the western horizon-seen globally is the 192 matrix link"

  2. (Comet Ison and the 2009 Crop Circles Connection)in this article on this site there are various descriptions of a sequence of events,effecting our plantetary system.,what is shown there,in stages isnt "manMade",the left hand corner is "nihibru with its moons-aligning up with the sun-Trianglur vertex"-the planets that are affected-refer to a sequenced planetary alignment"-,that is not a comet referring to ison,but a "cestial Object approaching the sun",this "chart here;is linked to the 2009 chart"by means of the centre matrix grid"-it refers to planets,closet,furtherest,are the various blocks,grids,etc,if you take this chart and super impose it over a starmap,with the large circle being the sun=and oriontate in such a manner with "the bright star seen on the western horizon globally"then this chart indicates a "planetary alignment"that the general public isnt aware of"(in addition"comet siding approach with mars in "october 2014"is of importance,as there isnt to date a clear indication as yet what will happenm"1st October 2014 will be crucial to determine its exact trajectory"-in addition,the missing soho,and other data feeds regarding whats happening at the sun,is linked to this chart,with a "approaching object-blindside of sun"-they know something we dont see,or know of,"in the 2009"heliogriphics,patterns,is a "indication of a message"alien language doesnt use "morse\braille type language"its our interpertation of what we percieve the message,chart to be,am working with a sources to decipher alien symbols into earth language,easier said than.

  3. sigh....this was a viral marketing stunt by nVidia . the crop circle is nothing more than an imprint of their newest chip look at the chip then look at the crop cricle. they had a reveal about it yesterday and all day before the revealthey had this crop circle plastered on their site yea i know this is CNN but its obvious that this wasa huge marketing stunt everyone has owned up to it . any "messages" being found are only being found cause someone wants to find something that badly

  4. When Nvidia releases a Video Showing people During the making of the crop circle, the process of it being done, etc. THEN I will be convinced that this was a marketing hoax.
    Till then, I will consider it the way I had already been Doing, and that is an "Unknown".

    Also, Professional / expert crop circle phenomenon researchers never got to sound in on the personal inspection of the site, side of matters. Crucial to determining fakes. As the devil is in the details.

    Lastly, we have yet to hear from the farmer him self.
    or to do some detective work on his finances in relation to this.
    I have No doubt that IF there is a cover up, that he will be paid to keep quiet and for use of his land.
    How Much he is paid could spell the truth of the matter.

    1. haha seriously?? haha when nvidia releases a video showing the making of the crop circle then i will believe its not aliens haha, i feel half sorry half pity for you, crop circles are all fake hoax, alien abduction is total fantasy the only truth is ufos and im not going to say they are not black projects because i dont know that for a fact.

    2. Burn.
      You seem to have missinterpreted what "I" wrote, and put it in your own words instead.
      No place, did I actually Say,..."when nvidia releases a video showing the making of the crop circle then i will believe its not aliens".

      But I shall clarify it for you.
      The possible culprits can be any number of entities OR Aliens.
      Until I see Proof of which ones may be responsible, the final summation remains to be assessed.

      For instance.
      what if...
      I am a employee at Nvidia whom is faced with failing sales, or, at least sales that are Not up to desired par.
      I am also an online geek who surfs weird sites, and I notice this crop circle thing?
      Some people claim it uses the number 192 or such, and it seems to be accepted as a factual translation publicly. It just so happens that one of my new products might have some thing to do with the number 192 ... or not, doesnt actually matter or need to be true.
      I rush to my boss and say, YO, IF we take credit fast, we can have a crap load of Free publicity! Or at least inexpensive publicity. All we have to do is bribe a farmer.

      Thus, until I see Proof or strong evidence I remain a healthy skeptic, weather it be Aliens or companies.
      I hope that this has served to clarify the matter and can help you not see what you Want to see in the writings of others and jump the gun with poor conclusions.
      Thanks for coming out.


    3. Cannot tell if this went through or not, re-attempting post.

      This crop circle has drawn a little more attention than most Just for being on American soil.
      Elaborate large crop formations in north America are rare indeed.

      I will pose One more hypothosis.
      Lets say its a Real crop formation...
      It has an important message, one which the powers that Be do Not want people focusing upon.
      One which the powers that be do Not want people proving may be real.
      So, they contact Nvidia, work out a deal for free publicity and a future tax break if invidia will take credit. The farmer is bribed and threatened.

      More than that, IF it were a publicity stunt, there would be No good reason to plow it under so quickly unless there was a desire to remove evidence before real crop circle researchers could show up and examine the bend nodes and such.

      Lets not be To quick to believe what we are told, or you will be believing things like Osama bin laden was killed by a seal team, instead of dying years earlier and being kept on ice till needed. Or, that Obama is "deserving" of a nobel peace prize or that there is such a thing as a democratic party or a republican party which oppose one another, rather than two parties which Both work for the same banks and corporations and are paid by lobbyists to put on a dog an pony show to keep the illusion of free electoral choice in the rigged two party system looking real.

      Use yer head people. Look deeper.
      Never stop asking Even when you think you may Already Have the answer.


  5. dude stop reaching for dreams at look at the reality in front of you. im not trying to be an downer but i mean really if this is how you are going to look at things then you are going to be disapointed with everything in life and never feel any real contentment with anything no matter how true it may be

    1. . . . you mean, Objectively?
      I have SO Much data inflow at times, there is little choice but to look at things objectively.
      Weeding through both Misinformation, Disinformation, and truths?
      Which is real, which is the inaccurate, which is entirely false.
      You start to develop a filter.

      Part of what that filter now does for me, is let me know when the comments of Others is UN-objective, and one sided.
      As thus far All responses to my posts have been on this thread.

      I will remain, objective.
      While you,.... well...
      Need i say more.


    2. Now.
      Lets keep the topic About the subject matter shall we? And Not about those whom comment?
      Thats called Trolling.

  6. Varakienen, I agree on most of your points, what you suggest is also what ran through my mind.
    1) This isn't much of a marketing campaign as most people will just ignore this type of news, most people would never notice an advertisement in the form of a crop circle unless you are flying by at high altitude but then it still wouldn't strike you as an advertisement related to Nvidia or anything to do with a new processor they have created. To me it seems like the worst type of advertisement, surely some TV or internet campaign would be best utilised!
    2) A business such as Nvidia might happily take a cash/material settlement in order to publicly use a false campaign as ordered by some government or enigmatic group.
    3) A business such as Nvidia mgiht have been threatened by some group to go ahead with this story.
    4) Why was the Crop design removed so quickly?Why would you do this if there's nothing to hide?

  7. A stunt, this vary well may be, this crop circle is vastly different from those in the UK and if true that NVIDIA pull it off. than they can stick there video card and 192 core CPU up where the sun doesn't shine. It's bad enough you have crack pots galore posting sheer stupidity on a daily bases. but when a high tech corporation decides to get into the act, game over. Radion makes just as good a product as NVIDIA, NVIDIA can go and F*** them selfs.

  8. ..."the blind will see, those that seek shall find"
    The words say it all.
    Marketing ploy my ass. Thank you Vara for standing your ground.

  9. I'm not buying Nvidia's story. I think it is a distraction from the real story. It's simply not possible for them to have gotten away with this working at night without even the farmer who owned the property noticing. This is a sign that more attention should be paid to interpreting this crop circle. It is obviously important if the government would go to so much trouble to cover it up.

    1. Your reasoning is solid.
      It is Far FAR more difficult to fake these precisely and accurately than most understand.
      It takes many hours often days. and the larger more complex ones, more than days.
      Then, Try doing it at night.

    2. Agree , to do in one night not noticed and being so spot on from a great height , how would this be possible ? Even with great planning would still take a lot of people working together with little to no era days to do and to get it perfect like this would have to be done during daylight with help from areal photography , hard to say if we have decoded the message correctly but am sure it's almost spot on . Makes you wonder who or what is actually trying to warn or tell us when wouldn't it be better to just show yourself and tell everyone , in saying that is a alien life already telling someone and these are warnings from another et that we are listening to the wrong race , I remember a warning crop circle wile back with a picture saying do not trust them ? Is it to late ? And how do we know ?

    3. The makers of these circles oppose deception.

  10. Replies
    1. I DO.
      But,.... I am betting we differ in what we consider GOD. And what that god does and does not do.

      One wonders what Yours is, or why you felt a need to bring it up?



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