Curiosity latest images show unexplained objects on Mars – Jan 30, 2014

Curiosity latest images show some interesting objects, but at first a remarkable note. Scientist Rhawn Joseph sues NASA, alleges it's failing to investigate alien life on Mars.

Rhawn Joseph is suing the space agency after it released photos last week showing a rock on Mars in a place where it hadn't been just 12 days before. Joseph claims NASA is failing to investigate alien life and wants the rover to go back and snap more photos of the mysterious rock.

According to NASA, it is just a rock and it was simply knocked out of the ground by the planetary explorer.

But Joseph, a key writer with the online Journal of Cosmology, says the rock is "a living thing" and has now filed a lawsuit in a California court to make NASA examine it more closely.

“The refusal to take close up photos from various angles release high resolution photos, is inexplicable" his suit adds. Read here the lawsuit.

Of course, NASA studied the 'living' rock and they made high-resolution photographs of the object but they keep it silent.

About high-resolution photographs, what to think of the blurry photos they show to the public, for example the images sent by Mars Rover Curiosity.

For a long time NASA show us blurry black and white photos and sometimes a small series of standard color images (yet the high-resolution photos).

Why would they do that…

Here are the latest “blurry” images.. (Images are enhanced).

1. Helmet

2. machine with handle

3. Conical object

4. Artificial object

5. Artificial object with inside a kind of wing figure

6. Artificial objects

7. Artificial objects and a creepy face
(creepy face - optical illusion?)


  1. If these are real then it's proof of an alien civilization ! . when will The Govt. come clean ? . there appears to be structures and other evidence that shows ALL the planets and their moons were inhabited . I fear we may be guinea pigs to a superior intelligence


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