HAARP about to DESTROY Millions!

The U S is planning to destroy a large region of the World with HAARP. Many believe it will be Region 3.

It is now almost certainly verified that it was the U S Haarp that caused the destruction of Japan by tsunami. They will strike again soon.

What is causing the worst weather in centuries. Haarp.

Image left:
M6.2 Quake Nw.Zealand - Jan 20, 2014

Why are the waters turning red. Haarp.

All over the world Whales lay dying in mass.

Birds falling out of the Sky and fish just pile up on the shore dead.

What is the reason animals birds and fish are seen lying dead, all over the world. Haarp.


Why did Japan have it's reactors collapse and the nuclear waste leak into our ocean. Haarp.

Why isn't the government helping to fix it instead of just waiting until the environment is gone.

Why they arrested Eucah Director for submitting law banning HAARP and Chemtrails to EU Committee.

Is it because they are causing it all on purpose. Are they literally trying to kill us? yes.



  1. Why did I get out of bed and instantly stand on Lego - HAARP
    Why did my Big Mac have no cheese - HAARP
    I saw a red jumper floating in the canal and sold it for £5 to - HAARP

    see, I can do it too :D

    Keith W


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