Lights out at ISS - We have a bogey at 11 O’clock high! – Jan 23, 2014

A remarkable event took place during the live stream ISS.

The live stream shows an unknown object near the International Space Station when suddenly the light goes out from the ISS.

Then, a bright red glow from outside the International Space Station falls on the ISS, reveals the UFO.

As usually, NASA ended the live streaming data from the International Space Station.



  1. this is amazingggggggggggggggg!!!!

  2. I really like this footage but I would like to see it in real time. Also its hard to tell which angle or view its from. What are the lights in the photo that went out? Reflection of ss lights? Otherwise a great clear shot of ufo

  3. its really pretty vague. the way the object appears and also looks to have something trailing down from it to the ISS makes me think this is just part of the ISS itself. possibly as it rotates in space light is slowly shining onto it as it passes over its own horizon so to speak. either way even if it is something else it is way to vague to make a big deal over it with such little info and bad angle. id be all over this if it was something more substantial but this is pretty weak

  4. Really....someone actually really thinks that's a ufo!....come on people, get your heads out of your asses and open your eyes.

    1. Explain away then, instead of insulting people...

    2. exactly what is it then?? and why did Nasa cut the transmission again.. watch on youtube the video about hidden nasa transmissions then come back here and tell me Nasa are not hiding stuff from the people, the gov are scared they think people will stop believing in God stop going to work and rioting and panic, they dont credit people with being able to accept the truth

    3. Burn.
      What you describe is a temporary thing. some rioting, change in belief of god will not extinguish belief in god. But as you suspect, most people Can actually handle it and are ready for it.

      What the gov fears, is disclosure leading to certain truths, and those truths leading to the removal of thier control over us, for remember, it is not the government in and of it self which has control of us, it is the most elite of families and thier banks and corporations which have control of the government and media, and thus, control of us.'
      It is They whom fear the loss of control should truth get out.

      That control which is based upon energy, food, water, and distribution.
      Knowlege of alien will lead to knowlege that free energy exists and has for some time, but has been with held. As well as the technology to use it.
      Energy leads to the utilization and distribution of the rest.
      Also, knowlege of alien culture and thier more likely advanced social structure and economy would erase the one We use as we attempt to adopt it for greater efficiency.
      This would likely mean money as we understand it and capitalism is out the window.

      Spirituality would return to the world and re-replace religion.
      No longer would we need churches to serve as intermediaries between us and the so called divine.
      Indeed. Power and control for those who have a need for greed and power over others would be severely jeopardized.
      THIS is what is feared by those whom have it and keep such secrets from you.

      This is why there is No full disclosure, but soon, we will be made through false flag events to fear All aliens on every level possible. It is already strongly prevalent in our conditioning through media. As was intended.

      This is just the tip of the ice berg.



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