Meteor Outburst! Bolides, Fireballs and Meteors Sudden Increase Certain Worldwide - Jan 11, 2014

Asteroid 2062 Aten with a diameter of 1.1km is in our neighborhood and it will be accompanied by several other asteroids and meteoroids that will pass near or enter Earths atmosphere.

Asteroids 2013 YM48, 2013 YV102, 2014 AD16, 2014 AE29, 2014 AM29 and 2014 AW32 are all to pass safely.

According to lunarmeteoritehunters, asteroid 2014AA (1.7-3.8 meters in diameter) and marked with code 8 out of 10 (highly uncertainty) is so close to the Earth that it will certainly not miss.

All these asteroids and meteoroids have been discovered only in the last few days.

Is this sudden meteor activity from comet Ison?

According to During the inbound portion of the comet’s orbit, the comet passed approximately 2 million miles from the Earth’s orbit. The Earth arrives at this point on January 15, 2014. Normally, this distance is too great to produce meteor activity on Earth.

Comet ISON was producing a large amount of dust prior to its disintegration. Some feel that despite the distance that some of this dust may still reach the Earth.

Now whether it is in the form of meteors or noctilucent clouds is unknown. While the probability of meteor activity is remote, it is not 100% out of the question.