UFO and Alien Disclosure is not an easy subject for our Government!

UFO disclosure is not an easy subject for many Governments around the world.

They actually know of life beyond our planet, but they need to have a secure and peaceful planet before to make an announcement with regards to disclosure that the Earth has indeed been visited by Alien life for a great many years.

UFO disclosure is going to be very subtle and has been and may even go unnoticed by many people.

There are many reasons why disclosure of UFO’s and Aliens would have to be gradual and subtle, one of those is the fear that religion (a mainstay of the global economy) would not be able to explain or answer to its following. How does religion explain life other than on Earth? It can’t without backtracking on its fundamental principles.

It seems that once such religious issues have been addressed, then Alien Disclosure will in fact be there for everyone to mull over.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the NSA, NASA, CIA, FBI and the US Government do actually know more than what they are saying. You only have to read archived journals, newspapers, internet articles, listen to researchers, activists, political leaders and high ranking military/agency personnel from around the world who testified to the reality of the UFO/extraterrestrial and watch a multitude of videos on YouTube to see plainly something is going on.

When it comes to real footage of UFOs, the film from the 1991 NASA STS-48 Discovery Space Shuttle mission is definitely one at the top of the list.

This footage is real, well documented, and has been the subject of rigorous scientific investigation by multiple researchers and institutions.


On September 15, 1991, live video showing multiple objects moving in unusual trajectories was captured by cameras aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-48). The video, which was being broadcast over NASA Select TV, was recorded by Mr. Donald Ratsch.

Mr. Ratsch observed what he believed to be four anomalous events. One of those events was recorded by a camera in the shuttle's payload bay between 20:30 and 20:45 GMT near the west coast of Australia.

The event involves perhaps as many as a dozen objects moving in different directions relative to the spacecraft. One of the objects appears at a point near the horizon and moves in a path that seems to follow the horizon. After a flash, the object abruptly changes direction and speed. This is followed a few seconds later by a streak that moves rapidly across the field of view and crosses the path of the object. At the end of the event the camera pitches down to reveal several objects moving below the shuttle. One of the objects has a triangular shape.

The video analysis (In depth report here) is performed to determine if the objects in question are ice particles disturbed by a thruster firing as contended by NASA or other objects moving independently of the shuttle.

Results of the analysis show that it is unlikely that a thruster firing occurred since the attitude of the spacecraft does not change.

The remarkable 1991 NASA STS-48 footage proves the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligent life forms and certainly contributes to the final UFO disclosure. collective-evolution



  1. If you follow any of the non mainstream media, you'd know that most, if not all countries have already admitted to their public about the existence of u.f.o's and aliens. Many countries even show footage of u.f.o's that gets caught on video on their nightly news. Yet you would never see that on any mainstream news channel in America.

    Yet, practically every other country has disclosed information about aliens and u.f.o's. Even the former minister of defence of Canada has openly admitted about knowing all about aliens and the various alien races. He has stated that the U.S government knows all about the various races of aliens and says that the public needs to be informed of that, and the public needs to know that the U.S government has been working with aliens for many, many years.

    Yet, the American government still stays quiet about this subject. I think that if the American government ever does finally acknowledge the existence of aliens, it will only because if they don't, they will look like fools because every other country has come forward.


    2. Yes they have.

      Here is a list that contains countries that have actually disclosed, and/or those that are in litigation to disclose all or specific files, and countries that have released significant aspects of UFO and alien encounters.

      1. Argentina
      2. Australia
      3. Brazil
      4. Canada
      5. Chile
      6. China
      7. Denmark
      8. Finland
      9. France
      10. Germany
      11. India
      12. Ireland
      13. Japan
      14. Mexico
      15. New Zealand (Additional Report)
      16. Peru
      17. Russia
      18. Spain
      19. Sweden
      20. Ukraine (not in English)
      21. United Nations
      22. United Kingdom
      23. Uruguay
      24. Vatican City

    3. You just made up this list Darlene

  2. I don't see how religion can be a valid reason to not inform the public.

    Most religious people that are Christians can accept the fact that nowhere in the bible does it say that God did not create any other species. It is quite possible to see/believe or reason that God created many other planets and life forms. The Christian bible only discusses humans and their creation. So in reality, the bible is not "wrong" or "incorrect".

    1. No doubt Darlene... this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

  3. Disclosure has already occurred just not at the level it would take for the entire planet to accept. The movie "the day the earth stood still", although considered fiction, to me is indicative of the type of disclosure necessary. The interesting thing about that film though was the reaction by the military to shoot at the first sign of trouble. The other civilizations that exist have visited Earth and I do believe they have a hand in patrolling our actions as well as having a crossbreeding program that has been effect for 1000's of years. Of course religion would be demolished if the truth were allowed to be spoken freely.

  4. I think we need to look at these so called aliens differently. Full disclosure will be great when it happens on a planetary level. However, throughout history these aliens and ufo's have been carved into structures from almost every culture that has existed. They have been here for thousands of years. Every civilization has made claims that they have communicated with these beings and that these beings brought with them knowledge. And all of those civilizations that received knowledge from these beings seemed to just disappear in a shroud of mystery. I don't think these beings are aliens at all. I think they are the beings that are spoke of in folk-lores and many religions. I think that if they were from a different planet our satelites and telescopes could and would see them coming a million miles away. But they dont. They seem to always come through portals. I think these beings are liars and I think the technology they are sharing with us are technologies that humans built thousands of years ago in ancient civilizations. I think they are technological beings that do not have the capacity to build anything themselves and need us to progress technology for them. and then once they get what they want they eliminate their opposition and take the progressive technology with them. think about it. In all of the ancient civiliazations -how come we never find the tools that they used to carve the beautiful architecture, we never find anything substantial. I think these beings are hustlers and liars. I think they will make religion stronger. I think they are what those stories are all about. Yes we need full disclosure, we need full disclosure that the enemies to the human race has returned. They obviously need us and we have something they want. We don't need to get into a physical war with them. We would probably most definitely lose. Because as I understand they are spiritual beings and they lack the ability to have a stable physical form in our world. This is the battle of good and evil at our doorsteps during our time. Will we fall like every other civilization before us or will we be the one that succeed in banishing them from our plane. Look deeper at these so call aliens. If they were here to help us then why dont they just go to a 3rd world country that has no defenses or resources and just help them. No, They are from earth in a different dimension that is probably over populated or halfway destroyed. Let us pay attention to the wisdom of our ancestors and give them credit for having the intelligence to leave us messages through stories, carvings, and literature that worn us that the things that go bump in the night do exist and they will someday return. As King Solomon state" There is nothing new under the sun"

    1. TOM.
      Normally I would reply to some thing like this with a single word.
      . . . Wrong.

      I am not going to do that this time. I feel you reaching but faltering.
      The mind has data that it does not know how to interpret and it in some cases has the wrong data, the misleading data planted there for you by certain factions. In other instances, it simply does not have ALL the data. In either case, it extrapolates and tries to fill in the blanks on its own with out enough info. Not unlike forcing square pegs into round holes.

      I will start with this. those that would feed you false information have been in power a Very very long time. In one form or another it is they whom have, translated the bible over and over again, changed written historical accounts, invented and created finances and money.
      They have been doing so for a great many generations and have passed this project of usurping control down to their progeny.
      This is Why you do Not find the artifacts left behind that you speak of. They are there. they have been found. In most all cases they are confiscated and made to disappear.
      Alien visitation, our own species genetic tweaking repeatedly by them, blue eye's, jumps in evolution and more. Is among the greatest of protected secrets. Guarded at every turn. silenced, threatened, and made to disappear. It is a part of our society and its current level of conditioning through media now, for you to presume things the way you have.
      Keep searching. see from all sides, not just one or two. Dig deeper. see the patterns, dont force them, relax and let them come to you. But do not write ANY thing in stone. Always keep your mind and your data intake flexible and open.
      It is more difficult to integrate new data, if at Any time you already believe that you have it figured out already.
      Not all you think you know of history, reported science and discovery, is as you are told.
      That which you trust, handed down from your parents from thier grand parents and so on for many generations and in many cases is Not true. but being raised with it makes it Feel safe and comfortable and true.
      You must shake this off.
      Many things people Think they believe in has been conditioned into them for generations. Prejudice for instance.
      People are not Born prejudiced. they must be taught. sexist, the same. and many Many other things, but especially religious beliefs and notions of god and the universe.
      Reach Beyond what you Think you already know, or you will always have your perceptions and conclusions caged by it. And that was their plan all along.
      Be well.



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