UFO disrupts air traffic at Bremen airport – Jan 7, 2014

Reports of passenger aircraft involved in a near miss with unidentified flying objects as well as unidentified flying objects disrupting air traffic at airports (drones, balloon-like aircraft or remote-controlled model craft?)

1. UFO disrupts air traffic at Bremen airport

The latest report came from Bremen airport. An unidentified flying object disrupts air traffic at Bremen airport on Monday night, Jan 6, 2014, when it kept appearing on air traffic control's radar.

The airport said on Monday night that the UFO showed up on its radar several times over three hours from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

Police said in a statement that they were alerted at 6.30pm about a UFO over Bremen and a patrol car also saw the object. A police helicopter was sent up to try and find the UFO but could not, although the Weser Kurier newspaper reported it could be seen through binoculars from the airport's traffic control tower.

The helicopter search was called off at 8.45pm, according to the police statement.

A flight from Frankfurt had to be cancelled and a second flight from Munich was diverted to Hannover. Another plane coming from Paris had to stay airborne for a while before it could land. source

2. Pilot reports near miss with 'rugby ball-shaped UFO' near Heathrow Airport

An airline pilot has reported a near miss with a "rugby ball-shaped" UFO that passed within metres of his passenger jet near Heathrow airport. He told aviation authorities investigating the incident last July that he was certain the object was going to crash into his aircraft and that he ducked as it headed towards him.

They have been unable to establish the identity of the mysterious craft, which apparently approached the airliner at great speed.

The incident occurred while the Airbus A320 was cruising at 34,000ft, around 32 kilometres west of the airport.

The investigators' report states: "He was under the apprehension that they were on collision course with no time to react. His immediate reaction was to duck to the right and reach over to alert the FO [First Officer]; there was no time to talk to alert him."

The pilot told investigators the object passed "within a few feet" of the top of the jet and that it was "cigar/rugby ball-like" in shape, bright silver and "metallic" in construction.

The episode was examined by the UK Airprox Board, which studies "near misses" involving aircraft in British airspace. It checked data recordings to establish what aircraft were in the area but eliminated them all, along with meteorological balloons. Military radar operators were also unable to trace the reported object.

The sighting occurred in daylight, at around 6.35pm on July 13. source

3. Passenger plane involved in near miss with UFO near Glasgow airport 

A passenger plane was involved in a near miss an unidentified flying object, two pilots have reported.

The blue and yellow UFO came within 300ft of the Airbus 320 on December 2 above Baillieston as the plane approached Glasgow Airport.

The UK Airprox Board – which investigates near misses in the skies – heard the incident had taken place at around 3500ft.

Both pilots on the flight reported seeing the UFO “loom ahead”. The board head the object passed directly beneath the plane before either of the crew had time to take avoiding action or had “really registered it” although they were both agreed that it appeared blue and yellow or silver in color with a small frontal area but that it was “bigger than a balloon”.

The estimated miss-distance was 300ft. source

4. UFO collided with Chinese Passenger Plane at 26,000 Ft. 

A passenger jet was forced to make an emergency landing after a mysterious mid-air collision with a 'foreign object' at 26,000 ft. severely dented its nose cone.

The plane was climbing over China when a large bang was heard from the front of aircraft.

The pilots of Air China flight CA4307 left Chengdu on the morning of June 4, headed for Guangzhou contacted the control tower of Chengdu airport, requesting an emergency landing due to "mechanical failure" and returned to Chengdu for an emergency landing.

No one was hurt in the mysterious incident. The front of the Air China Boeing 757 had been pushed in and scratches and scraped paintwork The nose of the aircraft shows evidence of the collision, the question here is, with what did this Boeing 757 collide at 8000 meters?

UFO collided with Chinese passenger plane at 26,000 Ft.