At The Gates Of Area 51 Raw UFO Footage - Feb 6, 2014

Darkskywatcher visited the area for 4 days and caught some amazing footage, Jets dog fighting with ufos, a huge orb over his hotel and possibly the Phoenix Lights.

This isn't the complete video of the trip it is only the UFO section.

Darkskywatcher also encountered abducted cows, styrofoam snow ufos and will release more footage of the cow abduction and styrofoam snow ufos soon.

Update Feb 11, 2014.

The video is uploaded again, after YT removed it.

Here is Skywatcher's comment on this issue: "Thanks for removing my video youtube just because you don't like it doesnt give you the right to remove it you bastards. This is 100% my footage shot legally. Try that shit again and were going to court I'm sick of your discrimination".


  1. umm jits testing ram jets duh not a ufo

  2. Haha the video has been removed hiding the evidence I see ;)


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